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The Greene County Ohio Sheriff's Office and its 14 affiliated police and fire agencies serve more than 160,000 citizens in a 2,196 square mile area.

Greene County is located in southern Ohio and is a part of the Dayton Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The Challenge

Before using New World public safety software, the sheriff's office had no data sharing or interoperability capabilities. This was due to the multiple data silos and systems that prevented the sheriff's office from sharing and receiving information from other law enforcement agencies and fire departments located in the county.

The county jail was also running on a separate system and had no connection to the record or mobile software systems in the county.

Officials with the Greene County Sheriff's Office wanted a system that could:

  • Increase data sharing
  • Integrate applications
  • Offer multijurisdictional functionality

The Solution

The Beavercreek Police Department, one of the 14 agencies serving Greene County, had been using New World public safety software since 1997. Beavercreek officials and end users were happy with the software functionality and support. Because of this, they were instrumental in encouraging officials with the Greene County Sheriff's Office and other agencies within the county to get on the New World public safety software system.

The Results

In 2008, the Greene County Sheriff's Office and its 14 affiliated public safety agencies implemented New World CAD, Records, Mobile, Field Reporting, Corrections and Fire Records software solutions.

Each agency now benefits from:

  • The ability to work seamlessly with agencies throughout the county to solve cases and prevent crime
    • Easily accessible and shared data throughout the platform.
    • Agencies save time
    • First responders spend more time in the field
  • Automatic alerts that save time and provide instant mission-critical information
    • Agencies throughout the county automatically receive alerts when subjects are booked into the Greene County jail
    • Mugshots associated with subjects are instantly available to mobile and records users
  • The feature-rich CAD system, which aids in fast and safe dispatching
    • Real-time access to units' estimated time of arrival (ETA) and automatic vehicle location (AVL) functionality means dispatchers can get units to the scene as quickly and safely as possible
About Greene County Sheriff's Office
Customer Since 2008
Agencies Served 14 (Police, Fire, Jail)
Sworn Officers 120
Annual Calls For Service 110,805
County Population 160,000
Solutions Used CAD, Records, Mobile, Field Reporting, Fire Record, Corrections
Square Miles Served 416

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