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Just outside of Houston, Texas, near the border of Louisiana, sit the three communities of Port Neches, Nederland and Groves. Each with a population less than 20,000, the neighboring cities pool resources to provide basic services to residents in the most cost-effective way.

The most obvious example of this intercity cooperation can be found in the police dispatch center. While physically located in Nederland, three operators dispatch officers from each of the cities.

The Challenge

With a central dispatch center, the need to find ways to merge data collected from calls became obvious, according to Port Neches Police Chief Paul Lemoine.

'Since we work through the same dispatch center as Nederland PD and Groves PD we wanted a software program that was efficient and had seamless integration,' he said.

By implementing a common software in each of the communities, Lemoine aimed to optimize operations by:

  • Enhancing communication between departments and jurisdictions to improve efficiency
  • Streamlining workflow by cutting the amount of paper used throughout the department
  • Modernizing reporting methods

The Solution

Following Nederland Police Department, Port Neches put Incode Public Safety to work for the community.

Incode Public Safety blends innovation with familiar Windows-based functionality. It is designed to be easy to use so agencies can work safer and faster, while better meeting the needs of citizens.

The Results

Once the Incode Public Safety software was implemented in 2010, jurisdictional barriers that once kept data siloed within departments fell, and information began to flow — not just between Port Neches, Nederland, and Groves but also between law enforcement and the courts.

  • Paperless processes enhanced communication
    • Even interactions with the district attorney were streamlined by electronic correspondence. With Incode Public Safety, important court documents can be shared instantly.
    • Cutting paper not only save the department money, but helped expedite communication across the board. Instead of physically delivering a piece of paper, the information can be generated by the software and shared electronically.
    • With the implementation of Incode Public Safety, Lemoine reported an immediate 50 percent reduction in paperwork. In the years since, it has climbed to a 75 percent reduction.
  • Streamlined processes to assist in timely reporting
    • Regular reports that once required Lemoine to manually search for information in filing cabinets are now accessible with the click of a button, including:
      • Officer performance and activities
      • Driving habits
      • Response time
  • During a crisis, the software helped collaborate responses and give Lemoine a peace of mind during Hurricane Harvey
    • Dispatchers responded to more than 3,200 calls in a 12-hour period — the average on a normal day is around 60 to 70 calls.
    • Officers could focus on each rescue while dispatchers prioritized needs and helped the teams on the ground to keep moving forward.
  • Officers from Nederland and Port Neches made a combined total of 180 rescues, and no officers were injured
  • FEMA reporting was simplified after the storm

'After Harvey it was necessary to access vehicle mileage and active unit records to report to FEMA for reimbursement,' Lemoine said. 'I did that after Hurricanes Rita and Ike and this was a lot easier this time around (using Incode Public Safety), and I had to spend very little time locating the information I needed.'

About Incode Public Safety

Sworn officers, command staff, and civilian employees continue to work to make the community safer through proactive policing. To do this, they rely on their public safety software to help them gather intelligence, streamline processes, and increase efficiency.

Built upon Tyler's robust technology platform, Incode Public Safety solutions provide everything needed to handle day-to-day operations — and deliver the scalability to grow with a community.

Want to Know More?

Tyler Technologies has drawn from more than 30 years of experience serving the public sector to develop and support Incode Public Safety software solutions to meet the unique needs of each agency.

It is designed to deliver a diverse range of features to help law enforcement work safer and faster, including:

  • Computer Aided Dispatch
  • Records Management System
  • Dashboards, Reporting & Analytics
  • Jail & Property Room
  • Incode Public Safety iPad® App

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