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San Bernardino is located in Southern California and has a population of 205,000. It is the seat of San Bernardino County, which is home to more than 2 million residents. The city's violent crime rate is among the highest in the nation. In addition, Supreme Court mandates have resulted in numerous convicted criminals being released from incarceration, causing crime rates to spike.

The Challenge

The San Bernardino Police Department was using an outdated public safety software system and facing a costly upgrade. The system's data sharing capabilities were lacking, records management was insufficient, and the department was required to spend a large sum on annual maintenance. The department also needed a product that could offer field reporting functionality.

Additionally, the department needed a solution provider that respected the department's needs for partnership as opposed to a typical vendor relationship.

The Solution

Since the city also needed an upgraded Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, the city of San Bernardino selected New World Public Safety and New World ERP software systems to meet their needs.

Recognizing the city's financial problems, a 10-year deal was arranged so that San Bernardino's ERP and law enforcement software needs could be met by allowing the city to pay for services on a subscription basis.

The Results

The San Bernardino Police Department purchased New World Computer Aided Dispatch, Records, Mobile, Corrections and Fire software solutions. This police department now experiences the following benefits:

  • Predictive Policing Capabilities
    • Data collected in records helps law enforcement identify, track and prevent crime in the city of San Bernardino, keeping citizens safer
  • Seamless Data Transfer
    • Mission-critical information flows from CAD to mobile to records within New World, providing all users with instant access that helps sworn officers and civilian employees save time
  • Solid vendor relationship
    • Tyler works with the San Bernardino Police Department to meet the unique needs of the city by providing them with state-of-the-art software solutions, training and support.

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New World Public Safety software from Tyler offers fully-integrated and multi-jurisdictional solutions for law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies. Highly configurable, this system is designed to meet the unique needs of any agency.
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