Case Management Software for Contracts Management

The Tyler Contract and Acquisition Management software solution is designed for use by federal contracting offices. Automate all "cradle-to-grave" phases — contract formulation, management, and execution — within one integrated system.
  • Configured workflows tailored to contract types

  • Ability to post opportunities to public websites and verify funding

  • Configurable contract compliance, performance, and risk tracking

Comprehensive, Cost-effective Contract and Acquisition Management

The contract and acquisition management solution places each contracting action in its respective workflow, tracks it, and sends reminders to complete specific events.

  • A centralized repository lets you enter, retrieve, manage, and view contract- and acquisition-related information.
  • Data visualization and analysis tools turn records into actionable information.
  • The solution supports both predefined and customized reports.
  • Continuously configure the system to meet your ever-evolving needs.

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