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Finding More Ways to Save (When Optimizing a Route Plan Isn’t Enough)
In this recorded webinar we will show you how your district can save even more budget dollars by implementing one or more of the following Versatrans product to your operation:
  • Versatrans Fleetvision – save money through mechanic time and inventory management
  • Versatrans Triptracker – Save Money by Reducing the Time it Takes to Manage Field Trips and Understand the Actual Cost of a Field Trip
  • Versatrans e-Link – Save Time by Giving Schools and Parent the Ability to Find the Answer to their Questions on Their Own
  • Versatrans Onscreen — Utilize the data collected via GPS hardware and save your district money

Introducing Tyler eTimekeeper
Built with the needs of school transportation in mind, Tyler eTimekeeper brings time and attendance into the mobile age by making it possible for employees to clock in anytime, anywhere.

New GO6 Hardware Enhances Tyler Telematic GPS Functionality
In this 20 minute webinar we will cover the features of the new GO6 GPS unit, including:

  • An expandable IOX harness which allows you to add any combination of auxiliary devices
  • Plug-and-play installation — no drilling required
  • Breakthrough accident detection and reporting

Tyler's Versatrans: Tyler Incident Management for Schools and Transportation
In this recorded webinar learn how school and transportation professionals can record, track and monitor incident events (bullying, accident, disciplinary, etc.) that occur at school or on the bus. Managing incidents district wide will help identify larger issues and ensure that each incident is addressed and acted upon accordingly.

Tyler Telematic GPS: Advanced Tracking and Diagnostic Solution
Upgrade your fleet with GPS technology from Tyler Technologies! We designed Tyler Telematic GPS to deliver not only accurate location, time and odometer readings, but also measurable return on investment by providing comprehensive information about the vehicle, driver and engine.

Tyler Telematic GPS is the only solution that can provide significant cost savings in four important areas:

  • Productivity and route efficiency
  • Preventive vehicle maintenance
  • Bus driver training
  • Regulatory and environmental compliance

And our GPS hardware includes cutting edge features such as an expandable IOX harness, plug-and-play installation and accident detection and reporting.

Tyler's Versatrans e-Link - Connecting Transportation with Their Schools and the Community
Is your phone ringing off the hook with parents and building faculty asking about student busing information? Tyler's Versatrans e-Link can answer most transportation-related questions, allowing you to manage your transportation operation more effectively. Watch this recorded webinar and learn how e-Link can help.

Using Versatrans to Transport Students with Special Needs
In this 30-minute webinar, learn how Versatrans empowers you to:

  • Create custom student profiles and route plans which include critical needs information
  • Automate curb-to-curb or right side routing
  • Allow for resource-sharing in district consortiums
  • Match the vehicle to the route, whether you need wheelchair equipment, safety seats, air conditioning, or more.

Versatrans Pay to Ride: A Student Transportation Payment Solution
In this 20 min webinar we will cover:

  • What Versatrans Pay to Ride is
  • How Versatrans Pay to Ride manages the selection, billing and payment process of transportation fees
  • An overview of the software application
  • How the solution integrates with the Versatrans transportation management suite.

Versatrans Student Tracking: Complete Ridership Management Solution
In this recorded webinar we will cover:

  • What Student Tracking/Student Ridership Management is
  • How student tracking increases accountability
  • An overview of the hardware
  • How the solution integrates with the Versatrans transportation management suite.