Tyler Excellence Awards

Tyler Excellence Awards

Tyler Public Sector Excellence Awards

Have you helped your local government work more efficiently? Are you positively impacting your community through technology?

Our clients are a big part of why our solutions are so successful, and we want to recognize you through the Tyler Public Sector Excellence Awards!

We invite you to enter the Tyler Excellence Awards for 2018. Entries are judged on:

  • Organizational Efficiency and Productivity — Tyler applications or services improved overall workflow efficiencies or processes improved staff productivity.
  • Organizational Responsiveness — Tyler applications or services improved your ability to provide information to employees, vendors or citizens.
  • Business Value — Tyler applications or services allowed your organization to accomplish something that had a large impact or of significant value.
  • Innovation — Your organization is using Tyler applications or services in unique and innovative ways.
  • Relevance to other organizations using Tyler solutions.


Who is eligible?

Applications will open in fall 2017. Eligibility is based on having one (or more) of the following Tyler solutions implemented:

  • CLT Appraisal Services
  • Eagle
  • Eden
  • EnerGov
  • EnerGov Community Health
  • iasWorld
  • Incode (court)
  • Incode (financial)
  • Incode (public safety)
  • Infinite Visions
  • Modria
  • Munis
  • New World (financial)
  • New World (public safety)
  • Odyssey
  • Orion
  • SoftCode
  • Traversa
  • Tyler SIS
  • Tyler Verify
  • Versatrans

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Tyler Excellence Awards

The 2018 Excellence Award winners were notified by February 19, 2018.