2013 Tyler Excellence Awards Winners

Tyler Excellence Awards

2013 Tyler Excellence Awards Winners

Congratulations to our 2013 Tyler Public Sector Excellence Awards winners! Many winners accepted their awards at Tyler Connect 2013 in Boston, Odyssey's user conferences in Orlando, Fla., and Austin, Texas, and Eagle’s user conference in Denver, Colo.

Excellence Award Winners by Product


Emmet County, Michigan
Emmet County integrated records between the Register of Deeds office and the county Treasurer’s office using Eagle. Documents are now created, recorded, and exported electronically, thus saving time and money that was originally spent on producing and delivering physical documents.
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Town of Palm Beach, Florida
The Town of Palm Beach, Florida, lacked an efficient benefits enrollment process/system, and tasked their Human Resources (HR) department with improving the process using existing resources. An Eden client for six years, Palm Beach looked to Eden’s Benefits Enrollment module to help them achieve that goal.
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Otay Water District, California
The Otay Water District is a publicly-owned water, recycled water and sewer service provider. It is a California Special District established by the State Legislature in 1956 by a small group of private citizens, ranchers and landowners who were concerned about the declining quality and quantity of water from their rural wells. More than fifty years later, the small public agency they formed in order to gain access to imported water is serving the needs of more than 208,000 people. The Otay Water District’s IT (Information Technology) staff implemented a full integration of Tyler’s Eden financial solution with Microsoft’s Report Manager and SharePoint.
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St. Louis County, Missouri
Saint Louis County Department of Assessment moved its permit processing process from an in-house stand-alone product with diverse inputs to Tyler’s iasWorld appraisal and tax software. All permitting and appraisal data now resides in a single database, increasing accuracy, speed of data retrieval and analysis, and reducing processing steps.
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City of Brenham, Texas
The city of Brenham implemented Incode and Tyler Output Processor to streamline billing procedures and gain a much-needed lift in eliminating both paper and manual processes. With some local Brenham businesses receiving more than 30 bills each month, Tyler Output Processer allowed Brenham staff to forgo the tedious process of printing and mailing multiple bills to the same address. The dramatic decrease in paper-dependent processes also aligned with the city’s goal of going paperless.
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Conroe Municipal Court, Texas
Conroe Municipal Court saved clerks’ time and the court money through increased staff efficiencies with Tyler’s document imaging and online credit card payment processing systems.


City of Hartford, Connecticut
Like many municipalities, the City of Hartford’s primary concern is their budget deficit. To help resolve this concern they knew they needed to streamline costs, and decided that they could do that by reducing the number of checks they produced. The city began using P-Card statements within the Munis Accounts Payable application.
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Irving Independent School District, Irving, Texas
Irving Independent School District (IISD) searched for a solution to streamline their purchasing approval and compliance process, and one that would offer a better method to manage and enforce district, state and federal purchasing rules and guidelines. IISD selected Tyler Content Manager (TCM) as the solution to their purchasing challenges, and was impressed with TCM’s tight integration with Munis.
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Tulsa Public Schools, Oklahoma
Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) implemented a full suite of Munis financial applications, including General Ledger and Accounts Receivable. Full integration with Trip Tracker allowed TPS to handle both internal and external billing to better monitor usage, costs and revenues.
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Spring Branch Independent School District, Houston, Texas
Spring Branch Independent School District (SBISD) was presented with an opportunity to expand pre-kindergarten education to children outside of their standard eligibility guidelines on a tuition basis. However, tracking and managing the billing and collection process was problematic because they did not have a system in place to accommodate this unique situation. Through collaboration and partnership with Tyler they moved from a highly manual, inefficient accounts receivable process for monthly billing and collection of tuition payments, to an automated one that produced significant time savings for staff, reduced overtime xpenses and increased revenue for the district, all while making pre-kindergarten available to more children.
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New Mexico State Judiciary
Renee Cascio, application manager, accepted an Excellence Award for an aggressive statewide rollout that included e-filing. In 2008, when the New Mexico Judiciary began its Odyssey implementation, the state of New Mexico needed to replace an aging legacy case management application. Essentially, the state wanted to greatly increase the efficiency of court case processing in New Mexico magistrate and district courts. By implementing Odyssey in all magistrate courts and district courts between 2008 and 2012, the primary solution — Odyssey Case Manager — provided the basis for new efficiencies in the 50 magistrate courts and in the 13 judicial district court districts, and digital document management. E-filing created significant efficiencies, such as a 49 percent decrease in civil case filing times, as well as reduced duplicate data entry and dramatically lessened the number of hours spent by clerks on case processing tasks.

South Dakota Unified Judicial System
Bill Poppenga, UJS IT project manager, accepted an Excellence Award for creating an Integration Exchange. One of the big challenges of migrating from a party-based legacy application to Odyssey’s party-based system was keeping all of their party data updated and current on both the Odyssey and legacy systems. The creation of an integration exchange has allowed the state to maintain accurate demographic records on both systems, while alleviating the need for duplicate data entry. An integration of this kind can serve as a model for other clients faced with similar challenges during their conversion transition, or even to meet data-sharing requirements with partner agencies. The UJS conversion to Odyssey involved multiple go-live events to transition all of South Dakota’s 66 courts from a legacy mainframe application to the Odyssey case management system. Odyssey gives South Dakota clerks the ability to digitally file court documents, process payments, and gives law enforcement the ability to electronically submit citations.

Michigan’s Ninth Judicial Circuit Court
Frank Hardester, automation and technology manager, accepted an Excellence Award for creating a way to allow a Friend of the Court (FOC) Office to use Odyssey for child support collections. The 9th Judicial Circuit used the workflow functionality and imaging features that are core to Odyssey to share case information in a way that conformed to strict legal requirements for privacy by using Odyssey’s rights and roles to restrict access to selected cases. Kalamazoo reduced paper by one third, saved $120,000 in licensing fees, and eliminated maintenance and support costs that would have been required to maintain a separate software system.

Dallas County, Texas
Dallas County accepted an Excellence Award for the use of Odyssey’s API (Application Programming Interface) Toolkit (application program interface) to create a Truancy Database. The Dallas County Clerk’s Truancy Information System (TIS) is an application which connects Dallas County ISDs (Independent School Districts) to the Dallas County court system that utilizes Odyssey Case Manager. Dallas County has realized significant ROI with the integrated TIS solution. This integration allows the ISDs to submit new cases online or in batches, thereby reducing manual activities as well as the time to process a truancy case. Estimated savings across five courts is approximately $175,000 annually.

Denton County, Texas
Denton County accepted an Excellence Award for Bail Bond Tracking and Integrated Justice. The county-wide integration of Odyssey has allowed Denton County to reduce data entry and coordinate data, reports, and decision-making across multiple offices and courts. The bail bond tracking effort is just one example of these integrated systems. Bail Bonds are now tracked across the prosecutor, sheriff and multiple clerks’ offices and daily reports are generated and distributed automatically. This has increased accuracy, eliminated duplication of effort, and allowed Denton to hold bond companies more accountable.


Williamson Central Appraisal District, Texas
The Williamson Central Appraisal District (WCAD) took the legislative requirement of online protests and the Orion online appeal module and, with Tyler Technologies, implemented a series of business rules that provided an automated online protest system that is even more beneficial to both the district and local property owners.
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Tyler SIS

The Metropolitan School District of Warren Township
The Metropolitan School District (MSD) of Warren Township is an urban school district located on the east side of Indianapolis. The District serves approximately 11,500 students in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade in a district comprised of nine elementary buildings, three intermediate academies, three middle schools, a high school, and an alternative school. In addition, the MSD of Warren Township has an early childhood center and a career center. The MSD of Warren Township technology department worked with Tyler to create an enhancement to their Tyler SIS solution.
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Tyler Verify

Butler County, Ohio
For more than 50 years, Butler County’s reassessment team has worked with Tyler's CLT Appraisal Services to perform field data gathering for all their residential and commercial properties. In recent years a strategic goal was established to strengthen efficiency and leverage the expertise and talent of the in-house reassessment staff. Tyler was called on to perform a new role of providing best-in-class reassessment tools, technologies and process guidance to facilitate in-house desktop assessment of the vast majority of Butler County parcels. Tyler Verify was the foundation of that solution.
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New Caney ISD, Texas
In a typical year, New Caney Independent School District (ISD) welcomes 500-600 new students, an increase of about 5 percent. With new students entering the system almost continually throughout the school year, New Caney ISD’s transportation department turned to Versatrans to help them keep up with the constant bus route changes.
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