2015 Tyler Excellence Awards Winners

Tyler Excellence Awards

2015 Tyler Excellence Awards Winners

Congratulations to our 2015 Tyler Public Sector Excellence Awards winners! Many winners accepted their awards at Tyler Connect 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Excellence Award Winners by Product


Johnston County Register of Deeds, North Carolina
Johnston County is one of the oldest counties in North Carolina, with records that date back to the mid-1700s. The county implemented Eagle Web to preserve the integrity of its records while making them easily accessible to the public. Through Eagle Web, lawyers and users access Johnston County records dating back to 1746 from their own computers 24/7 without having to charge their customers for travel time to the county office - resulting in faster service and reduced fees.
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City of Pittsburg, California
The city of Pittsburg collaborated with Eden development to offer an online utility payment option for customers to increase customer convenience and provide better service. The city was able to place a payment kiosk in Pittsburg Book Depot that resulted in increased payments during a city furlough.
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City of Cambridge, Massachusetts
Cambridge's Inspectional Services Department implemented EnerGov's citizen access portal to reduce long lines, increase citizen transparency into processes, and provide faster services. More than 99 percent of the city's permit and license applications are now received online.


Bernalillo County Assessor's Office, New Mexico
Bernalillo County is home to Albuquerque, the most populous city in the state of New Mexico and to thousands of businesses that support the local economy. It’s also home to the Bernalillo County Assessor's Office, where the county’s taxable value of real and personal property is determined using advanced technology. That technology includes eFile — an add-on feature to the county’s iasWorld® computer-assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) software that provides an online platform enabling taxpayers to submit regulatory forms and other information to the county office electronically.Read their story »


City of Hurst, Texas
Hurst received the award for using Incode Online to replace paper-based processes in its courts, thereby increasing revenue collection and decreasing long waiting lines. The city also created a QR code that is included on all court documents and citations for defendants to scan and immediately be directed to the online payments website.
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Boulder City, Nevada
Boulder City's parks and recreation department implemented Tyler Parks & Rec to eliminate manual, paper-based processes and move scheduling online. Tyler Parks & Rec is both an administrative portal to manage business details and an external Web portal to improve public access to recreation programs.
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District School Board of Pasco County, Florida
The District School Board of Pasco County implemented a new accounts payable process using Munis and Tyler Content Manager affecting more than 800 purchasing cards and 4,000 transactions per month. The district set up a streamlined process that allowed each department to import and attach original receipts to their accounts payable request, and to route the reports through the correct approval process and storage. The documents are available online at any time and the district has realized a savings from a reduction in paper costs.
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Floyd County, Georgia
Floyd County, a Munis user since 1999, turned to Tyler Notify for help with the water department’s communication efforts. Tyler Notify integrates with Munis, and the county used the communication platform with its utility billing module to connect with customers. After implementation, monthly disconnections due to nonpayment decreased 45 percent.
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Peoria County, Illinois
Peoria County, Illinois, deployed Odyssey's integrated case management system in 18 months and enabled instant access to case information for court staff and the public. The county also made it easier to import traffic citations issued by the city of Peoria, the largest municipality within the jurisdiction.
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State of North Dakota
North Dakota's courts used Odyssey to streamline processes to manage complex cases, including asbestos cases. The enhanced process decreased the length of time to settle civil litigation cases from years to months. The court system also evolved Odyssey's document management capabilities, saving staff hours and reducing court costs.
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Washtenaw County, Michigan
Washtenaw County, Michigan, rapidly deployed Odyssey for all case types, implementing multiple courts in one year. The county eliminated paper files by scanning all case documents and shredding paper files after 60 days. Washtenaw increased case file accessibility, creating access anywhere in the courthouse, and providing online access to the public and attorneys.
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Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan
The Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan moved four separate systems onto a single integrated Odyssey platform for criminal, civil, family and juvenile courts, and implemented e-filing, which resulted in an increase in case filings processed to more than 300,000 per year. The Third Judicial Circuit also became an early adopter of Odyssey Guide & File, an online portal that provides self-service access for self-represented litigants, and used new technology to continuously improve processes to achieve an electronic courtroom.
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Cameron County, Texas
Cameron County utilized Odyssey to achieve a more unified system across multiple court and justice departments, resulting in increased information sharing, reduced duplicate data entry, decreased customer wait times and elimination of manual paper processes. To achieve these goals, the county established a governance committee to increase efficiency and improve the functionality of all departments. The county also adopted a unified method of data entry and operational procedures which increased information sharing across agencies.
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Travis County, Texas
Travis County Justice of the Peace courts became one of Tyler's largest SaaS clients when it selected Odyssey to replace five legacy systems with a single, integrated system. With Odyssey, the county has saved approximately 30 hours per week in the collections department, reduced the number of financial transactions by 50 percent and improved customer service.
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Williamson County JP Court, Precinct 3, Texas
Williamson County Justice of the Peace court, Precinct 3, implemented Odyssey to create paperless business processes that improved efficiencies and saved tax dollars. The court's paperless workflows reduced document storage requirements, saving 500 square feet of office space, and eliminating 420,000 pieces of paper per year. Court processes that previously took 25-30 minutes now take staff 10 minutes, saving the county approximately $650,000 in staff costs per year.
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Williamson Central Appraisal District, Georgetown, Texas
Williamson Central Appraisal District (WCAD) in Georgetown, Texas, used Orion in an innovative way for online homestead exemption filing. WCAD moved its cumbersome paper application to an online environment, saving more than three minutes per submission and $3,300 in related filing costs. Tasks, such as sorting through mailed submissions, scanning applications to Orion, and tracking and managing paper were all greatly reduced, which contributed to the efficiencies that made online homestead exemption filing a success.
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Tyler Public Safety

City of Boerne, Texas
The city of Boerne leveraged Tyler Public Safety software to respond to calls in less than five minutes and decrease mobile costs by approximately 77 percent. The city used iPad® tablets with Tyler Public Safety's Mobile CAD (computer-aided dispatch) and RMS (record management system) applications, resulting in better in-field efficiencies.
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Metropolitan School District (MSD) of Lawrence Township, Indiana
MSD of Lawrence Township, a Tyler client since 2006, was trying to find a way to use resources more effectively and balance the transportation department budget. The district used Versatrans to run reports and analyze data, resulting in a reduction of approximately 10 percent of bus routes without a loss in service because of improved route timeliness.
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