2017 Tyler Excellence Awards Winners

Tyler Excellence Awards

2017 Tyler Excellence Awards Winners

Congratulations to our 2017 Tyler Public Sector Excellence Awards winners! Many winners accepted their awards at Tyler Connect 2017 in San Antonio, Texas and at the Tyler SIS 2017 User Conference in Columbia, Missouri.

Excellence Award Winners by Product

CLT Appraisal Services

Town of Greenburgh, New York, Town Assessor's Office
Greenburgh’s last town-wide reassessment was in 1956, and all assessments were calculated manually on an individual basis. As a result, the town, county, school, village and fire districts were refunding approximately $10 million annually. Now, with the help of Tyler’s CLT Appraisal Services working in conjunction with iasWorld CAMA software, assessed values are at 100 percent of market value and all parcels have digitally updated inventory.
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County of Sonoma Clerk-Recorder-Assessor Department, California
Sonoma County Clerk-Recorder's Office used Tyler's Eagle solution to digitize the signature process for marriage licensing, leading to more accurate records and more efficient workflow. Through Sonoma County's efforts, the state of California has approved the use of electronic signatures in marriage licenses throughout the entire state, paving the way for increased accuracy and time-saving processes for counties throughout California.
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Nye County, Nevada
Nye County implemented Eden Inventory to remedy inefficiencies in county warehouses, and worked with Tyler to improve integration with their third-party warehouse software so that they would know what inventory was used, when to reorder, and to ensure that purchasing would adhere to favorable pricing. The county also implemented Eden’s Project Accounting to help track project funds and grant monies, and identify fixed assets and more. By implementing these two programs, Nye County gained control of their inventory, and now can track the true value of their projects in process and their fixed assets.
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City of Miami Beach, Florida
The city turned to EnerGov to break down barriers between departments, eliminate siloed databases, streamline workflow, and significantly reduce paper-laden process. Since the implementation of EnerGov, 100 percent of Miami Beach's applications have been submitted online and reviewed electronically via the EnerGov e-Review feature. The city is digitizing more than 2,000 boxes of paper files and converting storage rooms into new conference rooms and collaboration areas.
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Maui County Real Property Assessment Division, Hawaii
Maui County sought to accomplish their long-standing goal to meet the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) standard on property inspections. The county formulated a plan to integrate data from outside sources into their iasWorld software so that management and staff could use the data in conjunction with real property data to make the sales validation and permit processing tasks more efficient. Through a single view of data, staff discovered more time for field inspections with access to comprehensive data all within iasWorld — greatly reducing duplicate data entry and increasing operational efficiencies for MRAD.
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City of Dallas, Texas
With inefficient paper processes, crowded lobbies, a heavy backlog and more than a million citizens to serve, the city of Dallas turned to the Incode® court solution. With Tyler's powerful software at its side, the court managed to increase citation collections by 34 percent, achieve a case clearance rate over 100 percent and save more than 600,000 sheets of paper every year. In addition, online citizen services have put the power in the hands of the public and helped the county resolve one-third of its cases online.
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Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District, California
To streamline manual processes and provide better customer service to 30,000 water users, Rincon del Diablo implemented Tyler's Incode® utility billing, financial management and personnel management solutions. Tyler's integrated, single-vendor solution empowered the water district to improve customer response times, reduce customer fees by 22 percent, reduce bill printing and mailing costs by six percent, increase citizen transparency, and save an estimated $5,500 annually from payroll processing.
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Incode Public Safety

City of Mobile, Alabama
In its quest to become the safest city in America by 2020, the Mobile Police Department turned to Tyler for the integrated software solutions it needed. Alongside Incode® court, Incode public safety has helped the Mobile Police Department reduce police paperwork by 98 percent and save more than $500,000 per year while increasing officer and citizen safety.
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Infinite Visions

Douglas County School District, Nevada
Faced with limited funding and personnel, the district utilized the CellSense functionality within Infinite Visions® to create a web-based view of budget data. With Infinite Visions, the district can provide greater transparency into how taxpayer dollars are being used, and better inform and engage citizens in the education of their students.
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City of Southlake, Texas
After years spent using a paper-based system to manage vendors, the city implemented Munis Vendor Self-Service to streamline processes, improve staff productivity and provide vendors with easy access to their information. Tyler’s integrated vendor management solution has saved staff 390 hours while the financial impact on the organization equates to an annual soft savings of more than $7,000. The city now spends more time providing professional and exceptional customer service while promoting the efficient and effective use of city resources.
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Village of Wilmette, Illinois
A Munis user since 2002, the village of Wilmette implemented Tyler Incident Management to upgrade their service request process for both citizens and employees within the village and have recognized improvements by providing their citizens with an easy-to-use, online portal for entering service requests and keeping internal stakeholders up to date with details of existing service requests. In less than one year, staff have entered more than 3,500 incidents into Tyler Incident Manager. These incidents, along with their history, provide staff with invaluable analytical data. Process efficiencies have been greatly improved and communication across all departments is now seamless.
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Contra Costa County Office of Education, California
Contra Costa County Office of Education, California (CCCOE) turned to Munis to streamline their COBRA billing process throughout 16 of 18 school districts in the county. Prior to utilizing the Munis General Billing and Accounts Receivable modules, each school district used a third-party system for their COBRA billing. Because of streamlining the COBRA billing process, CCCOE and the 16 districts using Munis have seen significant time and money savings because the districts no longer pay for their own third-party billing software and the duplicate data entry has been eliminated.
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New World ERP

City of Turlock, California
The city of Turlock implemented the full New World ERP suite (Financial Management, Human Resources, Utility Management, and Community Development) to integrate its operations and replace aging software. The city’s community development team took this opportunity to review their permits across all departments and developed new standardized processes to reduce manual data entry, improve tracking of permits, and streamline workflow.
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New World Public Safety

Oxnard Police Department, California
With Tyler’s New World Decision Support solution, the Oxnard Police Department can create heat maps that dictate time, date, place and situation around traffic accidents and citations, which helps reallocate officers, deploy traffic personnel, and save time by eliminating manual processes. The agency also uses the New World Law Enforcement Records Management solution to help loss prevention officers save time by entering shoplifting reports into one global jacket data collection, saving hours of time in the process.

Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office, Illinois
By entering information into New World Law Enforcement Records Management and Corrections solutions, public safety personnel with the Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office can identify suspects and bodies almost instantly. This technology was especially useful in a situation when an inmate with the Jerome Combs Detention Center escaped and was later captured by police near Chicago. The fugitive was identified by a tattoo on his neck, which was found in his global jacket data collection, stored in the New World software.

METCOM 911, Oregon
Located in the Portland, Oregon area, METCOM 911 uses the ESRI-powered GIS technology in New World Enterprise CAD to dispatch to its 29 agencies. Prior to using New World, the communication center was using paper maps. With digital CAD maps, dispatchers and first responders are better able to implement mutual and auto-aid strategies by way of closest station and apparatus. This improves operations for fire and EMS users as it helps them identify stations and apparatuses responsible for specific geographical regions on a map. This ability helps dispatchers and first responders save time.


Rhode Island Judiciary
In 2012, the Rhode Island Judiciary chose the Odyssey® case management solution to unify and advance the statewide judiciary. With Odyssey, they’ve replaced numerous paper-based processes with electronic services, including e-filing for attorneys and self-represented litigants, e-payments for traffic and court fees and online document viewing for attorneys and the public.
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Superior Court of California, County of Fresno
The Superior Court of California, County of Fresno, selected the Odyssey solution, including case management, public access, enterprise document management, financial management, e-filing and e-citations, to convert from two different case management systems for all case types. Odyssey’s capabilities gave them total local control of data, relieving the state and county of the burden, which streamlined operations. It was one of the largest Odyssey implementations in California to go live in all case types, making them a model of a well-executed technology implementation and a leader among courts.
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Glynn County Juvenile Court, Georgia
Glynn County Juvenile Court implemented Odyssey Supervision to better serve juveniles and their families through electronic files and tracking, which enabled probation officers to maintain and complete assessments, track contacts with juveniles and/or family members, add events and track referrals made to both internal and external sources. A reporting function provided more accurate information and customized the requirements for specific grant reporting, especially for their largest grant, which required the use of evidence-based programs. In addition, they are the only juvenile court in Georgia to implement mandatory e-filing, making them a model of efficiency and a resource to other juvenile courts across the state.
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Grayson County, Texas
Grayson County went live with Odyssey in 2010 and established a governance panel with representation from all departments — district courts, county courts at law, county and district clerks, sheriff’s offices, district attorney’s office, justices of the peace and constables. This governance panel is key to their success and, as a unanimous and unified effort, successfully enlisted the support and funding of county commissioners to participate in the Odyssey 2016 Early Adopter Program. Grayson was one of the first counties to implement Odyssey 2016 in minimum time.
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Williamson County Tax Assessor/Collector's Office, Texas
The county uses Tyler’s Orion solution in their call center to streamline processes that provide multiple estimates with various scenarios for taxpayers. The tax estimator, developed through the county’s partnership with Tyler, went well beyond what the county tax assessor envisioned. The solution is simple to use, easy to understand, and has a clean look. With its new tax estimate, the county can provide a higher level of customer service, operate more efficiently, and be more cost-effective.
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Tyler SIS

Kansas City Public Schools, Missouri
Kansas City Public Schools worked closely with Tyler staff to develop functionality in Tyler SIS to meet new Missouri School Improvement Program guidelines released in 2012. Using the Tyler Pulse™ data analytics program, the district also developed reports which allowed them to highlight data errors and ensure the accuracy of their student information. The increased functionality developed with the district is now available to all Missouri customers. Additionally, the data work done by the district allowed them to identify possible improvements to their education program, helping them to gain accreditation in the 2016-2017 academic year.
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Socorro Independent School District, Texas
The district implemented not only the Tyler SIS student information management system, but also Tyler’s Munis® enterprise resource planning and Versatrans® transportation solutions, allowing them to create an integrated Tyler suite with increased functionality and accountability. They also had an extremely successful implementation of Tyler SIS Online Registration™, with 90.26 percent of parents completing online registration for returning students prior to the first day of school, and a total savings of over $58,000 in supplies, overtime, mailings and postage.
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Newton County School System, Georgia
To gain better insight into their student transportation operation and accountability, long-time Versatrans client Newton County School System added Tyler Telematic GPS hardware to their vehicles, allowing them to manage vehicle location, engine diagnostic codes and driver behavior with live data. They went on to implement the complete Versatrans suite, including the Versatrans My Stop mobile app, which allows students to see live updates of when their bus will arrive at their stop each day. This increased functionality has improved the district’s ability to oversee every aspect of their transportation program, find efficiencies and focus on the safety of their students.
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