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Tyler's products and services are designed specifically for the public sector employees — the people who keep our cities, school districts, counties and states moving forward. We work hard to deliver feature-rich, integrated products and essential services designed to help you reach new levels of operating efficiency across every aspect of state and local government operations and K-12 school administration.

Developing Software That Thinks Like You Do

Learn how Tyler's user experience design program helps us develop software that thinks like you do:

User-Centered Design

Tyler's user experience teams play an integral part in the development of our software. The user-centered design process consists of research, design and testing. And, we involve our clients, the actual end users of our products, in this process to gain insight and to make more informed design decisions to help us ensure your total satisfaction.

Clients participate in a number of ways such as hosting site visits, taking part in usability testing and participating in interviews. By taking part in our many research activities, you and your staff provide valuable information that helps us learn more about how you work. This feedback helps us design more effective, efficient and user friendly software.

By participating, you, as a client and end user, have the opportunity to influence product design. This leads to increases in overall efficiency, training that is more effective and fewer support incidents not only for you but for all users of the product.

Based on what we learn, we are able to develop archetypical representations of actual end users called personas. Personas are based not only upon job roles but also behavioral patterns. By using personas as well as other design tools, we can gain a more holistic understanding of how our products are used, and in turn, deliver more functional products to you.