2022 Civic Services Tyler Excellence Award Winners

Our Civic Services software solution winners are creating transparent digital processes that empower communities to accelerate development, improve efficiency, manage processes, and make data-driven decisions.

City of Rancho Cordova, CA

Enterprise Permitting & Licensing, powered by EnerGov

Rancho Cordova is a diverse and steadily growing community; making the city’s ability to ensure organizational efficiency and responsiveness in the community development and business licensing processes of paramount importance. The city utilized an outdated software that relied heavily on a cumbersome paper pushing process and manual data entry. It was not configured for online services and caused confusion with their clients, resulting in incorrect submittals. Rancho Cordova needed an intelligent system with advanced features that would direct citizens to correct applications, whilst improving efficiencies. The city selected Tyler’s Enterprise Permitting & Licensing software in 2018 as the city’s SaaS land management system, providing the cloud-based permitting, planning, code management, and licensing solution required. After initiating Civic Access, Tyler’s online client facing web portal, the city has accomplished over 31,700-page views, served over 5,000 registered users, and determined that 38% of licenses were purchased online. Rancho Cordova was also the first to launch Decision Engine, an easy-to-navigate digital guide that helps applicants navigate the permitting and licensing process, and achieved a 76% reduction in incorrect licenses, saving staff hours of time.

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Soos Creek Water & Sewer District, Renton WA

Enterprise Asset Management

The Soos Creek Water and Sewer District provides reliable water and sewer services in Renton, WA. The District’s staff is lean, so when looking to update their enterprise software in 2019, they needed to gain efficiencies. Though they have used Tyler products since 1986, the systems were not set up to communicate with each other. This led to information silos, data duplication, and errors due to manually entering data multiple times. To eliminate these challenges, the new enterprise system would need to integrate and address financials, human resources, payroll, utility billing, asset management, permitting, and cashiering. Tyler Technologies delivered the best solution with its integrated Enterprise ERP (Munis), Enterprise Permitting & Licensing (EnerGov), and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software. Now, the District is more efficient, productive, and can provide transparency to management and other stakeholders. Soos Creek has taken advantage of technological advances within the software, such as tracking and scheduling work performed on assets, and are able to cross-utilize their staff resources which provides great business value to the District.

State of Connecticut Department of Administrative Services

CAVU eLicense

Connecticut has used the CAVU eLicense regulatory solution, now part of Tyler’s Civic Services portfolio, since 1999. In 2016, the state recognized that they were no longer deriving as much value from the software as they had hoped. After evaluating proposals from other vendors, they decided that the best way to improve ROI was to not only continue using the Tyler solution, but to expand to an enterprise implementation across additional state regulatory agencies. They also developed a plan to optimize processes and training so that the solution could be used to its fullest potential. Following a detailed and systematic plan, Connecticut was able to expand their use of the Tyler system to 12 agencies, including 41 divisions, 38 regulatory boards, and 815 license types. Connecticut acts as a proactive partner to Tyler, guiding roadmap decisions and funding product modifications. Over time, their modifications and enhancements have provided streamlined, automated processes and online self-service that make regulators more efficient and help keep the public safe.

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