2022 Courts & Justice Tyler Excellence Award Winners

Our Courts & Justice software solution winners are integrating solutions, automating workflow, implementing efficient case management systems, clearing backlog, and increasing access to justice.

District Court of Maryland

Enterprise Justice, powered by Odyssey

Despite challenges from the pandemic, Montgomery County, Maryland, collaborated with Tyler to seamlessly go-live on the Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) case management system. Enterprise Justice allowed District and Circuit Courts to schedule hearings, generate forms, better track alternative dispute resolutions, and add case milestones based on each court’s differentiated case management plan, leading to uninterrupted workflow efficiencies and a greater ability to provide information to citizens and court users. Montgomery County’s innovative differentiated case tracks will be rolled out to other MDEC courts in the future, along with a first-of-its-kind criminal case initiation portal.

Office of the Tribal Prosecutor, Choctaw Nation

Enterprise Justice, powered by Odyssey

Members of the Office of the Tribal Prosecutor implemented additional features from Enterprise Justice to manage cases securely and remotely while the pandemic continues. Utilizing Enterprise Attorney Manager and Judge Edition, support staff and attorneys communicated with each other to create cases, generate documents, manage cases securely, and file with the district courts remotely. By reducing face-to-face contact, the court continues to serve the people of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma safely, while increasing efficiency in tracking and following criminal and civil cases.

Superior Court of California, County of Sonoma

Enterprise Justice, powered by Odyssey

The Superior Court of California needed an automated case workflow when it was awarded a grant for pretrial. The criminal courtroom invested in an electronic signature solution, integrating it with Enterprise Justice. The integration expedited the process for clerks to make faster pre-arraignment release decisions and run an automatic report to file in each case. In addition, clerks can add events, cancel a hearing, schedule new hearings based on the data provided in the release order, and electronically file stamp a document to the case. The automation is now paperless and helped eliminate after-hours and weekend work for manual minute entry for the 2,600+ pretrial cases.

Glynn County State Court, Georgia

Enterprise Justice, powered by Odyssey

As Tyler’s second-oldest Enterprise Justice client in Georgia, Glynn County State Court continued to innovate by integrating Electronic Citations, powered by Brazos, across its agencies with Tyler’s case management system. Electronic Citations allow residents to pay for their citation in real time from anywhere. The information from the officer arrives more quickly and accurately to the court, reducing the prior seven-minute processing time by roughly four minutes. The Enterprise Justice and Electronic Citations integration increases efficiency and frees court staff to provide better customer service to the community.

Alvin Municipal Court, Texas

Virtual Court

During the early stages of the pandemic, the municipal court in Alvin, Texas, saw the perfect opportunity to explore and use several Tyler products. Adding on to established use of Virtual Court, the court integrated new Tyler services such as virtual hearings, call notifications, content management, and live streaming for court hearings, allowing operations to continue. The court was able to provide due process to defendants and attorneys remotely and exceeded organizational goals by clearing a back log of more than 300 cases.

City of Seabrook, Texas

Virtual Court

Leveraging Virtual Court and several municipal court case resolution tools from Tyler, the City of Seabrook was prepared for the impact of the pandemic and never had to delay a response to defendants. Virtual solutions eliminated the need for defendants to appear in person, while keeping court staff safe yet efficient. The court reached its goals to increase flexibility in compliance, closing cases, and collections. The judge and staff serve as mentors to many other courts in the Bay Area of Houston to demonstrate the benefits of being prepared for any major emergency other than a pandemic, like hurricanes common to the region.

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