2022 ERP Tyler Excellence Award Winners

Our winners for ERP software solutions are saving time and money, making more informed decisions, and streamlining processes to optimize operations.

Fauquier County Government and Public Schools, Virginia

Enterprise ERP, powered by Munis

In response to COVID-19 workforce challenges, Fauquier County looked to technology to transform its in-person, paper-heavy onboarding processes into a more electronic model. To achieve this, the county turned to its Enterprise ERP solution for tools to maximize efficiencies and support employees. The county's HR department used the Human Resources Management suite and Content Manager functionality to implement electronic employee task lists and processes. All new-hire paperwork is now processed through an electronic task list function. The task lists have empowered employees, enabling them to take a more active role in managing their records. The reduction in the amount of paper being processed has created efficiencies.

Franklin County Auditor Fiscal Division, Ohio

Enterprise ERP, powered by Munis

To improve its community's experience accessing and reviewing public expenditures online, Franklin County, Ohio, turned to Tyler's connected Enterprise ERP and Data & Insights applications. The county created a user-friendly website that has made finance data far more accessible and searchable for the public. Users can drill down from type of expenditure, vendor, fund, or agency and access many more reporting angles to shed light on how the county uses its resources. The deployment of the county’s Open Finance site has enabled county staff to increase efficiency by reducing time previously spent on generating reports in response to public records requests, allowing for good stewardship of tax dollars.

St. Charles County, Missouri

Enterprise ERP, powered by Munis

For St. Charles County, hiring was time-consuming for human resources and hiring managers. The paper-heavy process included hand-delivered paper forms that needed to be signed by many people, and entering new employees into the system and updating employee records were cumbersome. To streamline hiring and other HR processes, the county leveraged applicant tracking and onboarding functionality in the Enterprise ERP Human Resources Management suite to decentralize recruiting and onboarding, changing the way the county does business. The solution has enabled applicants and hiring managers to perform many tasks electronically through self-service portals. In the nine-month period following go-live, calls and emails to HR have been reduced by about 50%, and the county has saved more than 130 hours in staff time, freeing up staff capacity for other priorities.

City of Moreno Valley, California

New World ERP

Confronted with pandemic-related challenges that demanded swift action, the city of Moreno Valley, California, identified key objectives to help maintain a supportive and connected foundation for its community. Prior to its decision to declare a local emergency, the city maximized the functionalities within its New World ERP software to proactively set up a project account to track anticipated expenditures in more than 150 accounting funds, and staffing wages associated in 10 different departments. This project was established to confidently track costs incurred for many community services throughout the year and empower staff to immediately collect data with trust, accuracy, and transparency. The city of Moreno Valley successfully tracked over $7 million across more than 15 projects, and documented $4.8 million in qualifying reimbursements ­– ultimately saving an estimated 90% in labor hours. 

City of Roma, Texas

ERP Pro, powered by Incode

For small municipalities with limited budgets, any cost savings can deliver real value to the community and the people they serve. The process to identify cost savings, however, can too often be a tedious, time-consuming task. For the city of Roma, Texas, a recent move to the cloud has transformed data analysis and, in turn, increased its ability to identify and reallocate unnecessary expenses. Prior to moving to the cloud, Roma’s city manager manually input financial data into Excel for month-to-month comparisons. Today, the city leverages the capabilities of the cloud version of ERP Pro to easily export data and create Power BI dashboards to analyze revenue and expenses, identify trends, drill into discrepancies, and share necessary budget information across departments. A process that previously took hours now takes only minutes thanks in large part to a move to the cloud.

City of Troy, Alabama

ERP Pro, powered by Incode

The city of Troy, Alabama, prioritizes access to tools to streamline processes and support their ever-evolving community. With integrated modules for utility billing and community engagement, and online resident access via text, app, or online platform, residents are empowered to pay bills and manage their accounts at their convenience — freeing up valuable time for office staff to manage high-level requests and support calls. Through education and incentive efforts, the city has seen drastic increases in the adoption of these services and the number of payments made through them — reducing utility cutoffs and saving residents additional burden. Encouraged by the results, the city of Troy plans to stay on the cutting edge of the technology offerings to ensure they deliver the best services to their community and support their team for many years to come.

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