2021 ERP Tyler Excellence Award Winners

Our winners for ERP software solutions are saving time and money, making more informed decisions, and streamlining processes to optimize operations.

Benton County, Oregon

Tyler EAM and Munis

The Benton County Public Works Department's adoption of Tyler EAM, which connects asset maintenance data to the county's existing Munis financial system, has streamlined core operations and improved financial oversight and reporting. The switch to Tyler EAM has enabled more accurate budgeting and cost tracking of assets. The county can now easily access insights into the true cost of assets, including maintenance information which has improved internal and external billing processes. The county is saving about four hours a week on account payable tasks and five hours a month on internal billing operations.

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City of Santa Monica, California


The city of Santa Monica, California, invested in Tyler Technologies’ integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Munis, to enable accuracy, transparency, evolution, and process improvements across its financial management and human capital management (HCM) functions – and to create a central repository for this data. The ultimate goal was to bring together all of the city’s legacy systems into one ERP. As a result, the city now has access to real-time, accurate business data to make more strategic decisions.

City of Tulsa, Oklahoma


At the outset of the COVID-19 outbreak, the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, realized it needed a centralized place to track related expenses. Although not guaranteed, the city hoped it would qualify for federal reimbursement for extensive expenditures incurred across all city departments. Using Munis, a cross-functional team from the city’s accounting, budget, and grants divisions quickly determined the optimal path to capture expenses and facilitate accurate reporting for future potential reimbursement requests – the Project Ledger module.

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New Castle, Delaware


Prior to fiscal year 2021, New Castle County, Delaware, utilized a 20-year-old legacy financial system with a failing server to conduct operations – a major risk to the county. After conducting a complete analysis of the legacy software and assessing the future-state needs of the organization and its customers, New Castle County chose Tyler Technologies’ Munis® as its integrated ERP software solution. Adopting Munis out of the box enabled county operations to achieve significant efficiencies, introduce best practices, and provide transparency to constituents.

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Southeast Michigan Council of Governments


When the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments noticed their legacy software was limiting their accounting abilities, creating inefficiencies in their operations and reporting and disrupting workflow, they knew it was time to update their system. Utilizing the full, customizable functionality of Incode, the organization has been able to manage their in-depth grants and project needs – from home or in the office – while increasing accuracy and reducing manual processes. Using Incode has allowed them to centralize their accounting books, gain detailed insight into specialize cost allocations, and transition to paperless processes.

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Town of Davie, Florida

New World ERP

The town of Davie, Florida, purchased New World ERP system several years ago but did not take full advantage of the solution’s potential until recently. Prior to learning about New World’s full capacity and strength, the town was using a very labor-intensive, inefficient, and antiquated process. It was difficult to tell when contracts were going to expire, causing contract lapses and major delays in re-soliciting products and services. Departments would print a check request form that required a manual routing and approval process that had many issues, causing delayed payments to vendors, delayed the recording of encumbrance against accounts, hindered accountability and tracking of documents, and allowed for loss of records. After fully integrating the contracts system module, they have advanced their organizational goals to better support the town’s budget and finance department’s objective to safeguard financial resources and ensure adherence to fiduciary responsibilities.

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