2022 Public Safety Tyler Excellence Award Winners

Our Public Safety Excellence Award winners use mobile data collection capabilities to comply with mandates and better serve the community, as well as intelligence tools that improve trust and transparency. They also use computer-aided dispatch solutions that keep dispatchers, first responders, and command staff connected anytime, anywhere.

Roseville Police Department

Enforcement Mobile, powered by Brazos

California's Roseville Police Department saw the value in increasing transparency and the importance of simplifying the processes they use to comply with state mandates. In 2015, the California legislature passed AB953, the Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA), requiring all California law enforcement agencies to collect perceived demographics and other stop data information by Jan. 1, 2022. Roseville fully deployed Enforcement Mobile’s stop data collection capabilities to all sworn staff's smartphones several weeks before the deadline, which proved highly successful. Roseville PD was not only able to comply with RIPA mandates fully, but it also saved money and opened the door for improved analysis and transparency.

Kendall County Sheriff’s Office

Agency Intelligence

The Kendall County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) in Illinois improved trust and transparency with its community and found a way to mitigate at-risk behavior within the agency. When dealing with a high turnover rate, Kendall County implemented Agency Intelligence to look inside the agency and make changes for the optimal health and wellness of sworn staff. As the first agency to do this within Illinois, command staff utilized this tool to conduct quarterly personnel reviews, improve efficiency, and track data. Since implementing Agency Intelligence, KCSO has improved its transparency with the community by delivering public-facing dashboards detailing the number of use of force investigations, mental health statistics, and data-related to calls for service. The agency has also improved attrition by focusing on the people behind the badge.

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office

Enterprise CAD

In Lake Charles, Louisiana, dispatchers with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office stopped at nothing to provide lifesaving help to their community during a dangerous hurricane. They did everything they could to prepare with their Enterprise CAD solution but could never have anticipated Hurricane Laura ripping the roof off the building. Even in the chaos, dispatchers stayed calm. Within minutes, they relocated to a nearby building, remaining connected to their Enterprise CAD solution and allowing them to continue answering calls for help. The community was able to rely on public safety, and public safety was able to rely on their software to get them through this terrifying storm.

Calvert County Emergency Communications

Enterprise Public Safety, powered by New World Public Safety

Maryland’s Calvert County Emergency Communications gracefully navigated an influx of emergency calls during a chaotic winter storm responsible for blocking roads, snapping trees in half, and downing electrical lines. Using the mapping tool within Enterprise Public Safety and features in Enterprise Fire Field Mobile, first responders created map events in areas with hazards. Officers on the street could view this map in real time and increase their situational awareness and safety, allowing them to reroute to calls for service on their own, freeing up dispatchers. The map served as a focal point between dispatchers, officers, and fire crews to deal with all incidents in real time. Calvert County took care of 105 emergencies that day, efficiently and quickly dealing with each one as it happened.

Clinton Township Fire Department

Fire Prevention Mobile

Michigan’s Clinton Township Fire Department elevated its inspection process using digital tools. Three people are responsible for all inspection-related duties for more than 2,500 buildings. Its previous inspection process was time consuming as staff relied on paper forms. The department saw immediate change after implementing Fire Prevention Mobile. Staff created an inspection calendar and scheduled various inspections and re-inspections quickly. All building information was updated and became easily accessible. The department also noticed a significant reduction in the time needed to update records and inspection information. With this tool, the Clinton Township Fire Department is setting big goals for success, one of which is to increase inspections of high life hazard risk by 30% more than what it was doing in the previous year.

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