Senior Software Engineer, EnerGov

Senior Software Engineer, EnerGov

Developers write code to enhance the product or resolve issues with the product. Expectations for developers range from low (entry level) to high (senior members).


Duluth, Georgia


  • Competent with necessary tools/technology.
  • Implement design specifications into the product.
  • Understand and apply programming and user interface standards applicable to the product.
  • Understand the purpose and desired results of changes made.
  • Spends 90% of working time writing code or understanding software/technical interactions to enable them to finish coding/testing of their work.
    • Microsoft .NET / C# (or other .NET language)
    • SQL Server 2000/2005
      • General Database Design
      • T-SQL
      • Stored Procedures
    • N-Unit
    • .NET WinForms development
    • MVC or MVP pattern exposure
    • IdeaBlade DevForce
    • CAB
    • WCF
  • Source Control (VSS, AccuRev, etc.)


  • Unique ability to understand technical problems and use the tools available (primarily programming languages) to solve them in a manner that is scalable and maintainable taking all variables into account.
  • Master's Degree in Computer Science
  • 7-10 years exp. in C#, .Net, SQL Server.

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