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Software Developer Intern

Tyler Technologies is seeking a Software Developer (Intern). The position will be in our Lubbock, TX office. Tyler has an agile, fun, fast-paced and stable environment.

Tyler’s goal is find extremely strong developers that have a passion for writing software. Tyler hires developers of all experience levels, but specifically looks for those that have a strong natural affinity and ability in development.

Tyler Technologies, Inc. – Local Government Division

Tyler Technologies has nearly 30 years of experience serving the public sector with a reputation for delivering integrated software solutions, outstanding client service and support, both on time and on budget. Our software solutions include fund accounting, citizen services, tax, court, public safety, recording, and document management software solutions.

Long-tenured, innovative employees are at Tyler’s core with domain experts in every product group. There are certified public accountants on staff as well as former court judges, clerks, police officers, and recording clerks—evidence of Tyler’s commitment and ability to write and build software that meets the specific needs of its users. We employ a talented staff of professionals who are encouraged to pursue educational opportunities that build upon their expertise.

Our Local Landscape

Tyler’s Lubbock team is comprised of a relatively small group of individuals who work on several projects simultaneously and may need to switch contexts frequently. Positions we would typically hire for would include: Software Specialists, Quality Assurance, Business Analysts, Systems Analysts, Project Managers, Implementation Specialists, and Software Developers.

Our goal for our software development is to find extremely strong, tech savvy, career-minded individuals who have a passion for technology and software. Tyler hires at all experience levels, but specifically looks for those that have a strong natural affinity and ability in problem solving and analytics. Having the ability to adapt quickly to developing knowledge and business/product specifications is an important aspect of success here.


Lubbock, Texas


  • Participate in the complete software development lifecycle. This includes: requirements analysis, design, implementation, unit testing, deployment tools, and maintenance. As a member of a self-organizing SCRUM team, the job duties may vary, depending on the needs of the team.


The ideal candidate would have the following characteristics:
  • Understanding of Object Oriented Design
  • Extremely strong problem-solving skills
  • Abstract problem solver
  • Desire to work in fast-paced agile environment
  • Ability to work on multiple projects at once and switch contexts quickly
  • Ability to quickly absorb complicated frameworks and business rules
  • Passion for software development
  • Can move a complicated project forward without heavy direction
  • Serve as member of SCRUM team

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Requisition Number: 73040433