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Dev Ops Engineer, Courts & Justice

Are you looking to be a hero, ever vigilant and looking to improve the lives of your coworkers? Do you enjoy self-determination and control of your work? Do goals and tangible results motivate you? If so, the Dev Ops Engineer is for you. As a Dev Ops Engineer, your mission is to see the problems before they happen, bring order to the chaos, empower your coworkers to help themselves and improve the quality of life for dozens of your coworkers. Are you up to the challenge?


Plano, Texas


  • Active Resourcing Analysis – Regularly evaluate hardware usage for non-Development instances of eSolutions products with the goal to find areas of possible improvement or possible stress points that might become bottlenecks.
    • DB Stress Points (high load queries, hardware load, etc)
    • Storage Usage
    • Server Load Monitoring
  • Client Report Management – Build out list of active client Reports, intended usage, expected delivery schedule, importance to client business process and current configuration (including but not limited to: system executing on, methodology for reporting and compatibility concerns).
  • Client Report Generation - Create reports for Client Facing needs that are optimized such that they do not interfere with system operation during their execution.
  • Operational metrics and trends – Develop list of operational metrics for system and build out trend lines over time.
    • Average load per client
    • Estimated capacity per client
    • Average business facing operational times (ex: Time to Submit, Time to Accept, average Job Processing throughput, average Job Processing by Job type)
    • Known stressors by client (this includes but is not limited to: known periods of high traffic, known type of activity that stresses system)
  • Active Health Monitoring – Develop and maintain health monitoring system for all clients.
    • Monitor error rates by day and build out trend lines
    • Establish trigger points to determine Sev 1/Sev 2 early warning system to reduce net outage time. Goal is for Dev Ops to be notified of an outage prior to it being detected by Support group and perhaps even before Clients.
    • Establish trigger point to provide early warning on 3rd Party Integration Outage.
  • Develop and/or maintain tools to allow Support personnel to provide one-off solutions for Client issues.
  • Collaborate with Development to map trends in Dev Ops tickets to Development projects aimed at addressing root causes.
  • Provide Implementation team with Tools in order to empower individuals to perform job duties at higher productivity rates while lowering chances of human error.


  • BS/BA degree in related field or equivalent experience required.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including presentation skills
  • Ability to handle critical situations in a calm and organized manner
  • Ability to field a broad range of questions and respond in an appropriate manner
  • Ability to communicate well with technical and non-technical customers
  • Resilient to stressful periods

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Requisition Number: 2017034-1