QA Analyst, Incode Financials

QA Analyst, Incode Financials

Entomophile: 2. A person who likes bugs (insects) At Tyler, we’re looking for someone who likes to find bugs. Not those little multi-legged things that will send shivers down many of our spines, but the kind that nest and then at the worst possible moment show themselves and ruin a perfectly good piece of software. We’re looking for an entomophile, but we’re looking for that special person who not only likes finding bugs, but also likes exterminating them, so perhaps a non-entomophile: A person who takes the craft of Quality Assurance to a whole different level and ensures when a piece of our software leaves his or her domain, it leaves bug-free.


Tempe, Arizona


What do we need? Someone who
  • quickly learns product domain and technology.
  • dives into a topic, seeing its multiple dimensions.
  • is a task-switcher extraordinaire and able to rapidly switch between numerous tasks, processes and subjects in a fast-paced environment.
  • thinks ahead to prepare for the “things” around the proverbial corner, self-organizing for efficient execution.
  • is fearless of technology and constantly learning something new.
  • continuously grows, keeping abreast of best practices for agile testing—always seeking to make themselves and their team better.
  • anticipates unintended consequences and missed features by using his or her intelligence and broad application knowledge.
  • is an exceptional, strong communicator with outstanding interpersonal skills.
  • explores, identifies, and solves personal and team deficiencies or weaknesses—a problem solver.
  • assimilates quickly into an existing team, leveraging their strengths to existing weaknesses, respectfully challenging their team, but maintaining cohesiveness.
  • keeps a broad perspective of team, product and department, recognizing how his or her position and job tasks complete the whole.
What are this Person’s Primary Responsibilities?
  • Understand the client’s perspective and contribute to product design in grooming and testing.
  • Formulate and execute test plans in an agile development environment.
  • Recognize and communicate deficiencies in quality, usability, and performance


  • Uses Excel/OneNote or equivalents for self-organization;
  • Has knowledge of unit and automation testing;
  • Has understanding of SQL Server
  • Has a working knowledge of the following:
    • Payroll processing, including earning, deduction and tax calculations
    • Federal/State requirements, including 941, W-2, 1099-R, and State Retirement processing
    • Benefit Administration, including benefit enrollment;

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Requisition Number: 73030288