RFP Solution Consultant

RFP Solution Consultant

The RFP Solution Consultant is responsible for coordinating and managing the technical responses of all RFPs and to provide assistance to overall Tyler’s NW Public Safety (NWPS)RFP responses.


Troy, Michigan


  • Review all RFPs upon receipt to understand the scope of the project.
  • Make initial determination of Tyler’s NWPS solution fit to requested project scope.
  • Initial review of all RFPs and creation of pre-bid questions prior to submittal date.
  • Consult with Sales Management on any concerns regarding RFP Responses.
  • Review and/or provide functional responses on RFPs (coding).
  • Draft narrative responses keeping in mind alternative approaches for any non-responsive answers.
  • Coordinate with Solution Consulting to resolve any gaps or shortcomings in our response.
  • Audit and take overall responsibility for RFP coding responses.
  • Participate with Sales Team to respond to technical questions during sales cycle for both RFP and non-RFP sales situations.
  • Work with Development to respond to all follow-up RFP items.
  • Participate with Sales Team to respond to technical questions for RFP and non-RFP sales situations.


  • In-depth technical knowledge of Tyler’s NWPS product suite.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, etc.).

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Requisition Number: 8017038-1