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Tyler U Retirement for Munis 11.3 Clients

This communication is for our Munis version 11.3 clients. IBM announced effective December 31, 2021, that they will no longer support Kenexa – the learning management system (LMS) platform used for the Munis version 11.3 instance of Tyler University (Tyler U). Because this underlying technology will no longer be supported, Tyler University (Tyler U) will no longer be accessible on the 11.3 version of Munis after that date.

Tyler U provides 24/7/365 access to Tyler product training courses and provides staff with the opportunity to revisit important topics. In order to maintain access to Tyler U, an upgraded version of Munis is required.

While access to Tyler University training courses for Munis version 11.3 will not be available after the end of the year, written resources for the 11.3 version of Munis will still be available for your staff and can be easily located using Tyler Search (, once logged into the online support portal.

For questions related to Tyler U, please contact