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ReadySub is now Absence & Substitute

Save Time With Intuitive Absence and Substitute Management Software

Absence & Substitute, powered by ReadySub, is a powerful solution for scheduling and absence management, built for the K-12 environment. Easily post jobs, quickly fill openings with qualified substitutes, and intuitively track employee absences. Absence & Substitute offers more notification options than any platform on the market, automated to increase efficiency. Substitutes can choose exactly how they'd like to be notified and accept jobs with as little as one click.

  • Multiple notification types

  • Mobile and cloud technology

  • Payroll integration

  • Advanced matchmaking

  • Intuitive leave and absence management

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Absence & Substitute, powered by ReadySub

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See Why Absence & Substitute is a Complete Absence Management Solution for Schools

Industry-Leading School Absence Management

Track employee absences within a single dashboard and gain insight into your school district's workforce.

  • Configure absence reasons to require approval as needed
  • Manage leave balances
  • Powerful pre-built and custom reporting
  • Fine-grained permissions

Improve Substitute Outreach to Fill Roles Easily

Absence & Substitute offers more automated notification options than any platform on the market:

  • Text messages
  • Email
  • Phone calls
  • Mobile apps notifications

Sophisticated Payroll & Timekeeping Integration

Absence & Substitute integrates with a wide variety of systems for payroll, timekeeping, and applicant tracking.

  • Easily upload exports to the payroll system in use
  • Reduce errors related to duplicate entry
  • Integrates with Tyler’s Time & Attendance solution
  • Support for your data transfer needs

The Best Substitute for the Job

Absence & Substitute empowers you to find the best candidates for your schools' open positions.

  • Track credentials and expiry dates of qualified applicants
  • Match subjects, grade levels, schools, and classrooms
  • Prioritize specific substitutes for first notification
  • Hold jobs for preferred substitutes or assign directly

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Download the Absence & Substitute overview product sheet to learn how we can empower your absence and substitute management.

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