Generate Full Range of Statements and Supporting Schedules

Create your Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) with ACFR Statement Builder. It is embedded with the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) rules and assists you with every step in the reporting process.

  • Includes self-guided learning built into program

  • Setup and customization carry from year to year

  • Streamlines the development of statements

  • Updates with new GASB pronouncements when you choose to adopt them

ACFR Statement Builder Users Include

Simplifies Annual Reporting

No matter how many ACFR reports you have prepared, the challenge is recalling what you had done the year before, as well as deciphering any new GASB rules. ACFR Statement Builder's tile interface provides guidance to help you move quickly from report setup through creation of audit-ready statements and schedules.

  • Assigns accounts to groups based on their financial presentation
  • Guides you through the necessary adjustments and equity classifications to present government-wide and fund-level statements
  • Acts as a conduit for posting adjustments to bring data from cash to modified and from modified to full accrual level
  • Features a menu of statement or schedule templates which can be customized as needed
  • Allows addition of reconciling notes to your report and carries them from year to year
  • Receives GASB rules and embeds them in templates so you are up to date on compliance
  • Create a customized print package and generate all reports with a single click
  • Drill into any number on your ACFR-generated statements and schedules and see all values behind it

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