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Data Visualizations, Property Assessment Analytics, and Actionable Insights

Sifting through spreadsheets and jumping from program to program to locate what you need is a thing of the past. Make data-driven decisions for fair and equitable property valuation with less hassle by relying on the experience, stability, and power of Tyler Technologies and Socrata®. With Assessment Connect, part of Tyler's Property & Recording Insights solution, your office can view up-to-date data from a variety of sources and gather actionable insights in one platform.

  • Access a single source of trusted data in a self-service environment

  • Benefit from more than 30 years of in-depth CAMA experience

  • Leverage Tyler’s Socrata data analytics platform

  • Connect to the secure, valuation data network to help identify unique properties

  • Eliminate information silos and enhance collaboration

  • Analyze reports and view metrics at a glance

  • Improve oversight and protect revenues

Assessment Connect: A Quick Look

See how precise data insights and assessment analytics can empower your office.

Data-Rich Dashboards for Precise Analytics

View charts, graphs, maps, and detailed metrics to understand operations throughout your office. Note flags for benchmarks or thresholds and drill-down for more specific information on an area or individual property. Digital dashboards relay all information in an easy-to-understand format, so you’re always informed.

  • View sales ratio data
  • Track new construction
  • Compare market value
  • Review appeals by property type
  • Monitor industry trends
  • Maintain specific standards

Valuation Data Network for Confident Decisions

Gain insights from nearby offices and jurisdictions by sharing data across a secure, valuation data network. You can track metrics across jurisdictional boundaries and view aggregate data from a variety of sources.

  • Improve confidence in valuing unique properties
  • Apply custom geo filters to locate specific areas
  • Review similar properties in neighboring jurisdictions
  • Minimize time spent collecting and managing data
  • Reduce appeals with advanced oversight

Exemption Detection Option

Ensure properties within your jurisdiction are receiving the proper exemptions with optional exemption detection capabilities. This feature delivers proactive monitoring of a variety of data sources to help identify unqualified properties.

  • Analyze data across jurisdictions and states
  • Identify issues for further investigation
  • Shift time from data management to focused investigations
  • Take action to prevent loss of revenue

The Power of Connections

Explore our interactive graphic to learn how Tyler is connecting public administration departments in larger local governments and see the advantages of specific integrations. Whether linking public works to HR, permitting to accounting, or assessors to planners, our integrated solutions make valuable connections across your organization and within your community.

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