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Bus Attendance Mobile
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Intuitive Student Ridership App for Improved Safety and Evolving Transportation Needs

Bus Attendance Mobile is a low-cost solution that helps school districts enable student tracking and meet changing transportation needs without the need to implement on-vehicle hardware. When your district needs accurate, actual student ridership data but is not in a position to manage a card-scan program, this solution gets you the data you need. Improve parent communication, student safety, and your ability to respond to required social distancing or contact tracing requirements.

  • Monitors/aides log in and view assigned run

  • Students assigned to run are listed in stop order

  • App users build automated seating charts with multiple configurations for social distancing

  • Monitors/aides mark students present as they board the bus

  • Transportation managers empowered with accurate daily reports

An Integrated Student Ridership Solution

Bus Attendance Mobile fully integrates with Tyler's student transportation management software solutions. Integration with Versatrans My Stop® or My Ride K-12 mobile apps can empower parents with updated alerts when their student is loaded onto the bus. This improves transparency to your community and reduces calls to the transportation office.

Attendance data from all ridership solutions — Bus Attendance Mobile, the Tyler Drive® on-board tablet, or Telematic GPS — can be used in contact tracing reports to see not only who a student or staff member rode with but who else may have entered the vehicle after they disembarked.

Seating Charts and More

Bus Attendance Mobile can be used to create multiple seating chart configurations, including:

  • Back-to-front bus loading
  • Staggered seats
  • Skipped rows

This tool allows for social distancing or simply can be used to improve student safety on the vehicle by controlling seating for disciplinary or other reasons. Reports show seating location as well as whether the student boarded the bus to empower you with accurate ridership or contact tracing data.

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