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Greater Efficiency and Powerful Vehicle Diagnostics

Tyler's Telematic GPS is the first solution which delivers measurable ROI by providing a complete view of the vehicle, driver, and engine.

  • Engine condition alerts

  • Driver training and productivity measurement

  • Accident recreation

  • Planned versus actual route analysis

Telematic GPS Users Include

Real-time Operational Data

When your routes can be built based on real-word data, you can increase efficiency and improve safety.

  • Compare planned route and stop plans to actual run data
  • Use geographical boundaries to trigger alerts
  • Import run and street data to Tyler's student transportation solutions for automatic route building
  • Engine data can alert mechanics to work the moment it's needed

Protecting Drivers

With a system that collects information about driver behavior such as harsh braking or engine idling, you can proactively train drivers and defend them against questions of missed stops or speeding.

  • Built-in g-force measurement notes harsh braking and rapid acceleration
  • Accident recreation to provide real data in difficult situations
  • Driver scorecards create benchmarks for training
  • Time tracking and engine idling help ensure efficiency

A Fully Integrated Hardware Solution

We are a one-stop-shop vendor for your complete transportation technology needs.

  • Proven hardware platform with more than 1.35 million units currently in operation
  • Seamless integration with Tyler's student transportation solutions
  • Plug-and-play installation with no drilling required

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