E-File Driver Safety Course Completion Certificates

Following the 85th Texas Legislative Session, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) challenged courts to find innovative ways to accept proof of the successful completion of an online driving safety or defensive driving course.

This is where CertiFile comes in. As the only TDLR-approved electronic filing system in the state of Texas, CertiFile allows secure, online submission of course certificates. With CertiFile, defendants can easily and electronically provide proof of successfully completing a driving safety course. Documents are securely submitted to create a smoother, more efficient process.

  • Increase compliance
  • Reduce paper
  • Decrease lobby traffic
  • Save money

Courts Save Time and Reduce Traffic

Process traffic citation dismissals and file driving safety course completion certificates in a fraction of the time and at no cost to your court. Eliminate the need for defendants to make a court visit, CertiFile can reduce your foot traffic by hundreds of people each year.

Automatically download and store documents in your document management system.

  • Accept e-filed certificates of completion
  • Increase defendant compliance
  • Shorten wait lines and reduce foot traffic
  • Improve client satisfaction
  • Save time and paper

Course Providers Set Their Services Apart

As a course provider, you can set your course apart by offering e-filing for course completion certificates. Skip the printing and mailing and provide e-file certificates to the court immediately for quick citation dismissals. With CertiFile, course participants can submit their driving safety course completion certificate online to the court in a matter of minutes regardless of time, day, or location.

  • Cut mailing and printing costs
  • Reach new students
  • Offer additional benefits
  • Expand market share
  • Upload certificates to the court automatically

Students Skip the Trip to the Courthouse

Get a ticket? Need to take defensive driving? Choose a driving safety course with the CertiFile advantage. When you can e-file the course completion certificate to the courts, you can skip the trip to the courthouse.

  • Submit completion certificate from anywhere at anytime
  • Four driving safety course providers (and counting) to choose from
  • Available in more than 50 cities across Texas

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