Automated Business Administration

Help your community grow by expediting the business license review, approval, issuance, and renewal processes. Keep your community safe by licensing workforce professionals, and improve hospitality tax collections and enforcement of rental property management ordinances.

  • Professional licensing to keep your contractors in compliance
  • Tax remittance portal for easy revenue collection
  • Power to support community vitality by enforcing rental property ordinances
  • Simplified business licensing for community growth

Professional Licensing to Keep Your Contractors in Compliance

You need businesses and professionals in your jurisdiction to be current in their licensing to keep the general public safe and communities growing. EnerGov lets your organization define the classes, content, instructors, and dates offered for testing. It also records attendance and grades for proof of successful completion and certification, and tracks waiting periods between failed exams.

Tax Remittance Portal for Easy Revenue Collection

If your jurisdiction collects hospitality taxes, EnerGov can help you trace all payments and process renewals. Once billing periods and revenue collection parameters have been defined, businesses can easily enter their revenue collection information, have their fees calculated, and submit their taxes in a few easy strokes. It's fast, efficient, and available 24/7 through an online portal. More acute tracking of each cycle also results in a more robust revenue stream.

Power to Support Community Vitality by Enforcing Rental Property Ordinances

Within your economic development efforts, it's important that communities in your jurisdiction stay clean and safe. Rental units are no exception. EnerGov's Rental Property module supports the enforcement of ordinances regarding exterior maintenance such as weed control, garbage, or junk. The workflow system also accommodates one-time or recurring inspections for utility connection within rental units to keep long-term tenants in compliance. It does so through its unique capability to identify the property and its owner or manager, their registration or licensing, and site inspection cases or cycles.

Simplified Business Licensing for Community Growth

We simplify the process of filing for new business licenses and renewals, as well as individual licenses. You can also reconcile prior years' records when processing estimated versus actual gross receipts-based licensing fees, and we also provide online license renewal processing and payment remittance.

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