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Automate and Expedite Your Business Licensing Process and Associated Government Compliance

When you simplify your business licensing process, compliance, economic growth, and safety soon follow, and residents can easily engage and contribute to a thriving community.

  • Review, approve, issue, and renew business licenses on one platform

  • Improve hospitality collections

  • Streamline, enforce rental property management ordinances

  • Keep contractors' professional licenses in compliance

  • Easy revenue collection with tax remittance

  • Simple business licensing, stimulating community growth

Simplified, Online Business Licensing

Enjoy community growth when you simplify the process of filing for new business licenses and renewals, as well as individual licenses. Residents enjoy online license renewal processing and payment remittance, as Tyler's Enterprise Permitting & Licensing helps reconcile prior years' records when processing estimated versus actual gross receipts-based licensing fees.

Professional Licensing Tracked in One Spot

Use Tyler's Enterprise Permitting & Licensing to keep communities safe and growing with licensing compliance for businesses and professionals in your jurisdiction. Your organization can define classes, content, instructors, and dates offered for testing. Enterprise Permitting & Licensing records attendance and grades, reflecting successful completion and certification, as well as tracking waiting periods between failed exams.

Revenue Collection Made Easy Through 24/7 Online Portal

If your jurisdiction collects hospitality taxes, trace all payments and renewal processes with Enterprise Permitting & Licensing. Simply define billing periods and revenue collection parameters, so businesses can easily enter their revenue collection info, have fees calculated, and submit taxes. Ease of use, acute tracking, and 24/7 availability results in a more robust revenue stream.

Comprehensive Rental Property Ordinance Enforcement

Clean and healthy communities mean all buildings stay in compliance -- including rental units. Enterprise Permitting & Licensing Rental Property module supports the enforcement of exterior maintenance – weed control, garbage, or junk – while accommodating one-time or recurring inspections for utility connection, helping keep long-term tenants compliant. Enterprise Permitting & Licensing is capable of identifying the property and its owner/manager, their registration/licensing, and site inspection cases/cycles.

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At Tyler, we imagine a world where all city, county, and regional government services are connected within a healthy digital infrastructure. Connecting data, processes, and people makes communities safer, smarter, and more responsive to the needs of residents.

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