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City of Henderson, Nevada

The city government in Henderson, Nevada, proudly focuses on providing value to residents and visitors, which can be seen in the way it allows end users to control information and technology.

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document icon Implementing Technology with an Eye Toward the Future

document icon The Power of GIS Is Not Limited to Experts

Horry County, South Carolina

Horry County, South Carolina, is one of the fastest-growing counties in the nation and leans on drone technology to ensure its infrastructure remains intact and able to handle the rapid growth.

document iconHorry County Combines Technology with Data

webinar iconUtilizing Technology for Innovation

podcast iconDrones and the Future of GIS

document iconHorry County Uses Drones to Increase Revenue


Florida's strict building codes offer protection for local governments and citizens, but they can make the task of finding software solutions capable of supporting code compliance and enforcement difficult.

document iconEnerGov Helps City Through Disaster

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document iconBenefits of Automation and Integration

document iconAligning County Processes With Mission

document iconBusinesses, Agriculture, ADA Compliance

City of Temecula, California

The City of Temecula, California, uses state-of-the-art technology to make citizen engagement a top priority in the name of creating a thriving, connected community.

document icon How Technology Can Break Down Silos and Increase Savings

document icon Using Technology to Increase Citizen Engagement

document icon Ensure Your Municipality Thrives by Engaging Citizens

Village of Orland Park, Illinois

The Village of Orland Park’s government is dedicated to moving from manual, paper-based workflows to more modern, efficient processes to improve customer service.

document icon Integrated Solutions for Process Efficiencies

document icon Digital Foundation Supports Community’s Connections

Onslow County, North Carolina

Onslow County, North Carolina, is a rapidly growing county with a large military population. This makes having efficient processes and powerful systems in place extremely important.

document icon Free Upgrades, Combining Machines, and More

document icon Realtors Use Public Portals to Manage Population Increase

Lake County, Illinois

Lake County, Illinois, is home to a diverse community, and the county’s government is dedicated to providing “good government” in recognition of the value its community provides.

document icon Identifying Needs and Implementing Solutions

document icon Software Training, System Administration, and Shared Services

webinar icon Using EnerGov to Increase Efficiency and Help Citizens

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