Billing & Customer Information System (CIS) Solutions

Tyler's Enterprise Utilities provides billing and customer information management for municipal and independent utility authorities for electricity, gas, sewer, and water operations. It processes all billing functions easily, quickly, and accurately.

  • Bill water, sewer, and electric, while keeping multiple billing cycles active at the same time

  • Receive and track payments

  • Maintain historical information regarding services, accounts, and customers

  • 24/7 customer access for paying bills and fees online

  • Analyze trends and variations in customer records

  • Easily respond to customer questions or issues

Collections and Billings

Schedule all delinquent processing steps to run automatically. Let your business rules and procedures do the work for you.

  • Manage multiple active billing cycles across your utility and email statements
  • Support electric billing functionality such as demand, KVAR, and KWH
  • Accommodate all charges and services with flexible rate setup for consumption or flat rates
  • Flexible bill statement designs, including consumption graphs
  • Send delinquent notices automatically, apply late fees, and run the shut off list at the time of your choosing
  • Provide bill services at different frequencies and on the same statement

Flexible Account Setup and Management

Use built-in tools to easily set up and manage your accounts, and leverage powerful search functionality to put the data at your fingertips. View past, current, and future customers, and all services, deposits, and assessments from a centralized account management screen.

  • Define account numbering structure, create codes, and determine field labels
  • Perform account-related actions including setting up multiple pending individuals, revert responsibility to an owner, add new individuals, and service deposits
  • Customize the system to meet your unique needs with unlimited user-defined fields
  • Enhanced compound meter set up

Customer Focused

Focus on your customers and use tools to best serve their needs.

  • Display 360° view of all important customer and account information
  • Access information about current and past customers within the same program and report
  • Communicate with customers via phone, email, or text
  • Allow utility account management — view, reprint and pay bills, request services, and make changes
  • Generate letters, notices, contracts, and labels to manage customer communication

Periodic Processing, Inquiries, and Reports

A central launching point with access to key areas within the utility billing software, you can view a variety of information on an account, customer, or bill level.

  • Display account location, customer, billing address, recent activity, and phone numbers
  • Display deposit, current, delinquent, interest/penalty, total balance amounts 
  • Access critical information easily with hundreds of user-defined reports
  • Create custom reports with SSRS and Enterprise ERP data views
  • Use built-in analytic tools and pivot tables

Assessment Billing

Provide special assessment billing associated with improvements, capital charges, or other loan-based agreements.  

  • Invoice entire principal amount on a future-dated bill and generate installment bills
  • Generate installment billing schedule based on a fixed bill amount and total number of payments
  • Provide customers with access to assessment details, including unbilled balance, payoff amount, and remaining amortization schedule
  • Generate monthly statements for annual assessments

Work Order Tracking

Drill into individual work orders and view details before approving, establish rules so that only approved orders can be printed or completed. Track routine account maintenance, such as replacing and connecting or performing tests on a meter.

  • Define daily limits on individual or groups of work order types
  • Generate cut-off lists, automatically create work orders, and assign on/off fees
  • Post a reading after completing a work order and hold to process the final bill until later

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