An Advanced, Flexible Mobile Solution

Enforcement Mobile is an electronic citation solution that is used on laptops, tablets, and handheld cellular devices. It is used for capturing, processing, and transmitting data into public safety and court systems.

Instead of hand writing citations and re-entering data into court or public safety records management systems, patrol officers can easily enter citation information with Enforcement Mobile on a variety of mobile devices.

  • Quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage Enforcement Mobile applications on mobile devices

  • Applications can be created and deployed in hours – not weeks

  • Custom form-based applications with user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality without the need for additional coding

  • Completely web-based

Gather the Data Your Agency Needs

Creating, managing, and deploying an electronic citation, crash, parking, and stop-data collection solution has never been easier. Enforcement Mobile users spend less time on traffic stops, which results in improved safety for officers and the public when on the roadside.

  • Eliminate data entry errors on citations
  • Automatically upload data into court and public safety records systems
  • Reduce total cost of processing citations
  • Minimal IT support required
  • Provides complete citation statistical and mapping reports
  • Auto-fills offenders' information from driver’s license, VIN number, or registration sticker
  • Device independent to work on the tools your agency already owns
  • Interfaces with public safety records management and court case management systems

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Saving Time on Traffic Stops

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