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Enterprise Asset Management for the Public Sector

Effective management minimizes the total cost of owning, operating, and servicing your assets. Infrastructure management is not limited to the asset itself, but rather the complete view of the asset and how it functions as part of the greater system. Designed for the public sector, Enterprise Asset Management offers a complete view of your assets.

Enterprise Asset Management applications connect to financial, permitting, and client-based data throughout your organization to streamline work processes and quantify the value of your assets.

  • Asset maintenance to achieve tactical, short-term goals

  • Asset performance to achieve strategic, long-term goals

Get to Know Enterprise Asset Management

From citizen to technician and back again, Enterprise Asset Management offers insight to all stakeholders in both your organization and community.

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Asset Maintenance

Track and maintain assets effectively, increasing the reliability of physical assets, enhancing predictive maintenance, and providing configurability to address the most important asset management challenges. Designed for the field and office, asset maintenance maximizes your field-focused workforce with online programs as well as iOS® and Android apps, allowing workers in the field to easily see their work and manage work orders from anywhere.

  • Manage preventive maintenance to extend the life of fleets, infrastructure, facilities, and more
  • Maximize inventory efficiency with real-time insight via Hub
  • Follow up-to-date progress of work orders from creation to completion

Asset Performance

Enhance your reporting and analytics with asset performance. Designed to help management plan for future expenses related to assets and make decisions on how to best use resources, this application helps your organization by intuitively surfacing key asset-related data and providing robust analytical tools to support good asset management decision making.

  • Make data-driven decisions with up-to-date information and analyze how an asset's condition is trending over time
  • Better manage the creation and geo-location of new assets that are built, acquired, or transferred
  • Track large-scale capital improvement projects and manage ongoing maintenance programs with the Work Project program

Optimized for the Office and the Field

Enterprise Asset Management delivers insight to all stakeholders in both your organization and community. Residents can make service requests and track their status anytime, from anywhere on their mobile devices. Technicians spend more time completing work orders and less time on paperwork. Engineers and managers analyze past projects and plan, prioritize, and budget for future work.

Fully integrated with Tyler enterprise solutions, Enterprise Asset Management works seamlessly with your ERP, community development, and public portals to increase productivity, enhance reporting and analytics, streamline decision making, and connect your community.

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