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Getting the Full Value of Integrated ERP Solutions

An Integrated ERP Solution That Empowers K-12 Districts

Connect your school district with Tyler's Enterprise ERP, the powerful ERP solution designed to encompass a wide range of K-12 needs. This completely integrated ERP system manages financials, HR, procurement, and revenues. Enterprise ERP breaks down departmental data silos, streamlines processes, and eliminates duplicate data entry.

Enterprise ERP Users Include

One Solution for Your K-12 Operations

Tyler's Enterprise ERP is designed specifically to help school districts handle financial and personnel operations with accuracy, transparency, and efficiency. Because we know that every school district is different, Enterprise ERP is fully customizable to your needs. Extend Enterprise ERP with solution add-ons that bring greater power and flexibility to your ERP platform.

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Enterprise ERP is the last ERP solution you’ll ever need.

Business Intelligence How You Want It

Enterprise ERP helps you work more efficiently by providing the business intelligence tools to be more responsive to your stakeholders. Powered by Hub, the preconfigured cards in your Enterprise ERP dashboard enables you to monitor key processes, quickly execute routine tasks, and eliminate time-consuming data searches.

  • Drag-and-drop functionality for easy data organization
  • Simple and advanced search options
  • Ability to export data to Microsoft Excel®
  • Easy navigation to connected Tyler applications

Technology That Evolves With You

Enterprise ERP delivers proven technology to meet the needs of K-12 districts. With Enterprise ERP, you'll benefit from an education-focused solution that's designed and tested through a working partnership between our usability-trained developers and Enterprise ERP users alike. Our evergreen approach to perpetual licensing means that clients receive upgrades and updates without paying additional licensing fees.

  • User-friendly HTML5 and web-based applications
  • Mobile apps to increase worker productivity

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Kentucky School Districts Migrate to the Cloud

173 Kentucky school districts migrated from an Enterprise ERP on-premises deployment to a software-as-a-service offering, saving overhead costs and implementing a statewide disaster recovery plan.

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Irving ISD, Texas, Realizes Drastic Time Savings and Costs with Enterprise ERP

This school district with a student population of 34,000 saved time and money using Enterprise ERP.

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City and Schools of Staunton, Virginia, See Increased Value with Enterprise ERP

With the implementation of Enterprise ERP, the organization was able to automate and streamline processes and procedures significantly, saving them considerable time and money.

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Enterprise ERP is the perfect fit for K-12 districts of all sizes, from 200 to 200,000 students.

Regardless of your school district's size, Enterprise ERP is the perfect ERP solution because of its modular design. Whether you're trying to process payroll at a large school district, or simplify the budget process at a small district, Enterprise ERP can adapt to your circumstances.

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Painting the vision of fully connected communities.

At Tyler, we imagine a world where all city, county, and regional government services are connected within a healthy digital infrastructure. Connecting data, processes, and people makes communities safer, smarter, and more responsive to the needs of residents.

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