The New Backbone of Your Jury Management Operation

Informed by decades of jury management expertise, Tyler's Enterprise Jury Manager is an easy-to-use, comprehensive jury management system that’s designed to handle every aspect of your jury process in a single platform. Our innovative jury management system is:

  • Flexible. Enables communication with the public via their preferred method
  • Convenient. Empowers jurors to use self-serve options that best fit their lifestyle for everything from summons response to payment
  • Efficient. Reduces tedious tasks so your staff can focus on the tasks and people who need help the most
  • Intelligent. Provides meaningful data and insights into your summons mailings, juror response, jury yield, utilization, and more, allowing you to make more informed decisions to continually improve your process

Learn how your court can transform jury duty from an inconvenience to an experience your court can be proud of. Watch this short video.

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Jury Clerks – Simplify Your Day-to-Day

With Enterprise Jury Manager, we’ve simplified numerous repetitive tasks, so you can effortlessly manage the jury selection process from start to finish with one platform. Our jury management system enables you to:

  • Simply log-in and set dates to start the summons process
  • Get accurate, fast responses via online questionnaires
  • Easily communicate with jurors via their preferred communication method
  • Check jurors in quickly, assign jurors, re-use panel members, handle payments, and more at the court via computer, kiosk, or mobile device
  • Streamline processes to give you time back in your day that you can use to focus on helping people who need it most

Court Executives – See, Understand, and Save More

Understand your court's jury operations, reduce bad mail, automate tedious tasks, simplify the juror selection process, save your court money, and get powerful insights all in one platform. Enterprise Jury Manager:

  • Helps reduce bad summons mailings, resulting in less wasted costs to streamline the jury selection process
  • Automates tedious tasks throughout the jury process so your staff is free to focus on higher-priority items that will allow your court to run more efficiently
  • Provides meaningful data on jury yield, spends, utilization, court date history, and more, so you have the information you need to help your court’s efficiency in the future

    Information Technology – Keep Jury Data Secure Every Step of the Way

    Flexible and easily configurable to meet the toughest security requirements, Enterprise Jury Manager brings all aspects of your court’s jury management process into a secure platform. Our experienced team:

    • Works with you throughout the implementation process to reduce interruption and ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime to your court’s operation
    • Offers comprehensive support before, during, and after implementation
    • Provides ongoing training and consultations as part of our EverGuide® continuous improvement initiative

    You can also add our Managed Detection & Response solution to keep your network under surveillance 24/7/365 and have a dedicated cybersecurity analyst is hunting for threats every day.

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    Everything Your Jury Operation Needs: All in One Platform

    Our jury management system has several powerful add-on features that you can leverage to meet your court’s needs and ensure that your jurors have an easy, seamless experience. Plus, you can access these features all in one platform, which means your court’s jury process will run as efficient as possible and help you save time and money across the board.

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