Automate Courtroom Tasks

Designed specifically for high-volume courtrooms, Enterprise Justice Clerk Edition allows court clerks to access and enter data right in the courtroom. Clerks can immediately manage case hearing outcomes, including both criminal and non-criminal case processing. Information is automatically uploaded to Enterprise Case Manager and cross referenced with Judge Edition, thus eliminating the need to re-enter data after the court session has concluded.

  • Reduce data entry duplication by submitting data directly into the Enterprise Justice system

  • Eliminate paper from the courtroom

  • Perform batches of operations with a single mouse click

  • Facilitate the creation and routing of court orders and forms

  • Direct electronic documents for e-signatures

  • Work with multiple parties, cases, or charges simultaneously

Powerful Functionality

Reduce paper documents, automate the flow of information, and create an integrated, high-tech courtroom with Clerk Edition.
  • Enter a series of activities for a group of defendants, cases, or charges in batch mode (e.g., enter a plea of not guilty to 10 counts at once, regardless of whether each count is for the same defendant)
  • Enter separate actions for each count in side-by-side mode (e.g., dispose of a case with three different counts with different sentences while viewing them side-by-side)
  • Complete batch and individual data entry in one view with no tabs
  • Perform data entry while case documents build in workspace view
  • Add signature tags to generated documents for judges to sign

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