Enterprise Justice — An Open Platform

What is the Integration Portal?

We understand and embrace the benefits of open systems to allow courts to operate at maximum efficiency. Enterprise Justice, Enterprise Supervision, Enterprise Corrections, Data & Insights, and other Tyler products leverage hundreds of APIs to connect and securely share data across multiple systems.

Enterprise Justice Integration Portal gives you access to API and message resources – including API message catalogs and training – needed to integrate existing systems with Enterprise Justice and the family of courts and justice products.

Integration Portal Registration

Access information to plan and implement your integration strategy.

Clients: Access information about our API and message connections and how our APIs work and interact with your systems.

Client Access

Vendors: Access searchable, intuitive inbound and outbound message catalog for extensive details on each API message.

Vendor Access

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From dispatch to disposition, Tyler Alliance connects data and processes between public safety and criminal justice departments, agencies, and jurisdictions. By breaking through the silos, Tyler Alliance is improving safety, responsiveness, efficiency, and the administration of and access to justice.

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