Expand the Access to Justice in Your Court

Courts benefit by providing more self-service channels for litigants, including information and tools to help them understand how to start a case and move it forward through each phase to increase access to justice.

Enterprise Justice Guide & File allows courts to develop their own interview process and electronic forms to simplify the filing process for self-represented litigants while adhering to the court’s filing rules.

  • Create and manage interviews easily and efficiently

  • Foster collaboration and information sharing among courts

  • Leverage interviews created by other jurisdictions to accelerate interview development

  • Reduce time and resources supporting pro se litigants

  • Integrate seamlessly with e-filing, resulting in a greater number of filings entering the court electronically

Easy Interview Creation

Develop interviews to extend the business rules of your court and provide relevant, informative content that can result in a reduction of erroneous filings and less staff time answering pro se questions.

  • Browse through the library of interviews to find the one that most closely suits your needs and use it as a starting point
  • Customize interviews with specific colors and logos of your organization or jurisdiction
  • Publish self-guided interviews and make them accessible from your website
  • Provide self-represented litigants the flexibility to complete the interview anytime, from anywhere

Integration With Enterprise Justice eFile & Serve

Guide & File integrates seamlessly with eFile & Serve. This translates to a greater number of filings entering the court electronically and results in the elimination of paper. Once in Enterprise Justice eFile & Serve, the clerk reviews the filing and the case information is populated into the jurisdiction’s case management system (CMS), providing secure access to both the court and the filer.

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