Enterprise Environmental Health Application Sheet
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Streamline Environmental Health Inspection and Compliance Processes With an Enterprise Software

Tyler’s Enterprise Environmental Health software enables touchpoint simplicity for managing inspections and compliance. This cloud solution efficiently and effectively eases the process of issuing permits, performing inspections, running reports, and investigating complaints. Enterprise Environmental Health software is easily configured to meet your unique needs. With our customer-facing online portal, citizens can apply, manage, pay for, and search for permits and see inspection results, as well as report and track issues affecting public health and safety.

  • Simplify the permitting process for your staff and business owners/operators

  • Customize inspection forms and scoring for local legislations

  • Save time and boost efficiency with automation

  • Gain a comprehensive history with a centralized business/facility record

  • Increase transparency with the public

  • Offer seamless payments online and at the counter

Engage With Business Owners and Operators Online

This cloud solution is tailored specifically to meet the regulatory needs facing state and local environmental health agencies. The simplified process and online portal make way for business owners to submit applications, apply for and renew licenses, permits, and see their inspection results online. Furthermore, you can also offer seamless payments – accept online and over-the-counter payments without the need for third-party payment providers, 24/7/365. These benefits, along with the opportunity for the public to search for inspection results anytime online increases transparency and builds public trust.

Streamline Environmental Health and
Safety Processes

Workflows that meet your local legislations and unique business processes are easy to configure and automate. With the technology’s intuitive end-user configuration screens, you can easily create workflows to ensure important steps are not missed. Using an enterprise solution breaks down silos, so departments can easily share information. You can also expect to save time and boost efficiency as the software automatically sends notices and emails, freeing up staff time.

Gain Intelligent Environmental Health Data Insights

Integrated Esri® GIS technology within Enterprise Environmental Health allows you to visually interpret real-time data with spatial analysis, which leads to fact-based decision-making. Advanced reporting capabilities and customizable dashboards allow you to identify trends, performance, and relationships with ease via its robust reporting and customizable, user-role-specific dashboards.

Customize Software to Meet Unique Needs

Easy-to-use setup screens allow your agency to tailor the software to meet your unique business needs. With Enterprise Environmental Health, your citizens can report and track issues affecting public health and safety. Configuration options allow you to determine scoring selections, workflows, fees, view inspection forms and checklists, how often they reoccur, who they are assigned too, and so much more.

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