Robust CAD 911 System for the Best in Managing Dispatching Protocol

From the moment a 911 call comes into a dispatch center, seconds count. 

Call-takers and dispatch need a reliable tool to gather and transmit information so the situation at hand gets the fastest response. Our CAD 911 system enhances response times and can handle single or multi-jurisdictional dispatching activities for law enforcement, fire, and EMS.

  • Proximity dispatching improves response time

  • Real-time information on the scene keeps first responders safer

  • Esri ArcGIS mapping enhances situational awareness

  • Enterprise-wide data access

  • Silent dispatching expedites units

  • Integrated automatic vehicle location

Timesaving Features Result in the Best Response Time and Personnel

Call-takers and dispatchers have rapid access to data, powerful mapping capabilities, and the ability to make global changes within seconds, resulting in the best response possible.

  • Geo-verified address capabilities
  • Continuously updated estimated time of arrival (ETA) data
  • Automatic vehicle location (AVL) and proximity dispatching capabilities
  • System modifications applied in seconds
  • Unlimited fire response capabilities, recommendations
  • Easily accessible, managed, and shared data

Automatic Cross-Discipline and Jurisdictional Data-Sharing

Mission-critical data instantly shared between disciplines and jurisdictions to reduce time spent calling communication centers and agencies during a response.

  • First responders and dispatchers see the same information, including updates made to a call
  • Instant data flow between dispatcher and first responders in the field
  • Information exchange is customizable by discipline and jurisdiction

911 CAD for Multiple Users and Connections

Our system connects agencies of all sizes with multiple users.

  • Increase communication between agencies
  • Decrease radio transmissions
  • Streamline responses and increase accuracy
  • High-priority call information instantly available
  • Direct access to CAD narratives throughout the system

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