Why Public Safety Agencies Need Mobility Apps
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Instant Access to CAD Data Anytime, Anywhere

With constant access to real-time CAD data from any location, officers and command staff experience improved safety and efficiency with Enterprise Law Enforcement Field Mobile. This mobile app is available via smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet, and integrates with Tyler's dispatch and records management solutions to improve mobile operations for first responders in the field.
  • Esri-powered mapping and street view

  • Receive dispatches and self-dispatch to call for service

  • Stay connected anywhere and in any situation

  • Track officers, detectives, and school resource officers without an MDT

  • Scan driver's licenses in the field

  • Multi-device registration shows GPS location of smart devices

The Mobile Operations App Designed for Law Enforcement

Patrol officers, command staff, and dispatch personnel work together, but have different needs. While the primary needs are to keep the community safe, stay safe on the scene, and always have easy access to vital information, what is done with that information varies. Enterprise Law Enforcement Field Mobile helps keep everyone connected:

  • Officers receive immediate updates about an incident or call for service.
  • Officers can request information or back up without returning to the patrol car
  • Command staff can view real-time positioning of all units and officers from any location.
  • Command staff can receive push notifications or alerts, reducing the need to constantly monitor email or radio channels.
  • Dispatchers and CAD administrators can focus on critical activities that extend beyond fulfilling information requests.

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Balancing Privacy and Safety

Address officer and agency privacy concerns while benefiting from mobile tech.

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What is public safety mobility?

Public safety mobility expert Duane Kietzman answers questions about technology that empowers first responders for safer communities.

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