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Real-Time Access to Critical Information in the Field

Enterprise Law Enforcement Mobile provides first responders with the information they need when it's needed most. Its seamless integration with NCIC and instant data-sharing capabilities between Tyler's dispatch, records, and electronic citation solutions enables users to access prior history information for increased situational awareness and improved officer safety.
  • Embedded Esri functionality

  • Easy capture of IBR information

  • Designed for a mobile workflow

  • Real-time access to CAD data in the field

Do More in the Field

As field reports are created, before they are even officially submitted, they are synced and available in an agency’s records management system. This workflow helps to:

  • Stay ahead of information by receiving alerts in the field
  • Easily access information no matter how the system is queried
  • Provide records staff with real-time updates from the field 

Geofencing Enhances Situational Awareness and Safety

With geofencing, first responders benefit from greater situational awareness with fewer intrusions to patroller safety. Automatic status updates work to remove hazards to officers while driving and inform dispatchers of en route and arrival status. With Enterprise Law Enforcement Mobile, first responders can:

  • Automatically change patrol officer’s status to at scene within 200 feet of address
  • Notify units when they get within 500 feet of each other or enter known gang territory
  • Determine offense-type based on radial proximity in citations or arrests
  • Provide instant critical data including premise history, prior incidents, and known hazards

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What is public safety mobility?

To differentiate between the power of mobility solutions and traditional mobile products, this video answers frequently asked questions by public safety personnel in the field.

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