Respond Rapidly and Better Informed With Integrated Information in Your Vehicle and on Your Person

Increase officer, firefighter, and first responder safety and efficiency in the field. Our solution works on laptops, tablets, smartphones, and watches, which allows for first responders in any role to access real-time data to stay safer. Plus, with our apps, first responders experience unparalleled access to information. With the Law Enforcement Field Mobile app, law enforcement officers and command staff benefit from constant access to real-time CAD functionality and role-based information on their person. With the Fire Field Mobile app, firefighters have all the information they need during each step of the response.

  • Bi-directional data flows via CAD, mobile, and records

  • Feature-rich instant mapping and enhanced situational awareness

  • Automated fire field inspections

  • Case and crash reports

  • Monitor dispatching activity and calls

  • Instant access to real-time data

  • Receive immediate updates about an incident or call for service

  • View real-time positioning of all units and officers even when outside their vehicle

Improve Safety With More Intelligence
in the Field

Information flows continuously and bidirectionally with Enterprise Mobile for Law Enforcement and Fire. This information comes from dispatch, records, maps, National Crime Information Center (NCIC), and multiple shared data sources to keep officers informed. Communication is enhanced with messaging, silent dispatching, unit status monitors, and automatic vehicle location (AVL) and situational awareness is improved.

  • Fully integrated solutions
  • Situational awareness for dispatchers and officers improved
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Compliant data capture for state and federal reporting
  • Auto-population in report fields for quick submission and approval

Extending the Power of Mobile and CAD

The Enterprise Law Enforcement Field Mobile app helps improve safety and efficiency for law enforcement officers and command staff with constant access to real-time CAD functionality and role-based information. Enterprise Law Enforcement Field Mobile extends access to information and communication beyond mobile data terminals (MDTs) and puts it directly into the hands of users via smartphone, tablet, or watch.

  • Self-dispatching capabilities to an active call for service
  • Immediate updates about an incident or call for service even when officers are outside of their vehicles
  • Instant access to dispatch notifications, chat messages, and status changes
  • Push alerts when dispatched to a call with vital information such as warrants, gate access codes, hazardous materials on site, or the presence of a dangerous dog
  • Real-time positioning of all units and officers
  • Improved tracking of officers, detectives, school resource officers, and other personnel without laptops or MDTs
  • Built-in timestamps on unit status changes to help improve accuracy of arrival and response times

Reduce Station Visits

Our solutions help officers do more on the scene with instant access to necessary information. Firefighters and emergency responders stay informed with access to dispatch information and vital details regarding buildings, businesses, and locations. 

  • Experience unmatched paperless workflow
  • Capture information required for state and federal reporting
  • Auto-populate fields in reports and electronic submissions
  • Save time and eliminate errors

Always Stay Connected

Firefighters and emergency responders are always informed via access to dispatch information and other vital data regarding buildings, businesses, and locations.

  • View information on a single screen for easy access in the field
  • Automate fire inspections
  • Streamline EMS field reporting by saving time and reducing data entry
  • Get up-to-the-minute views of all activity including incident location, turn-by-turn driving directions, hydrant locations, and more with embedded mapping

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