Streamlined Process Management

Tyler's Hub brings permissions-based data to a central screen and enables you to visualize standard sets of data for various job functions, monitor key processes, quickly execute routine tasks, and eliminate time-consuming data searches.

Create a Hub for a specific process such as hiring or benefit tasks, or you can reach across integrated solutions to access utility billing, accounts receivable, and general ledger data.

  • Customize Hubs to specific roles and responsibilities

  • Centralize key data, processes, and more

  • Easy to set up and use

  • Customization options enhance your performance

Out-of-box Content Options Simplify Set Up and Use

Standard content cards – or content packs – are the foundation of Tyler's Hub design and assembly. Our setup wizard walks you through a series of choices – allowing you to select the cards to include, the ERP you use regularly, and processes or metrics you need to monitor.

  • The content library is stocked with pages, cards, and content bundles so that you can choose how to personalize your Hub
  • Cards present real time ERP data using pie charts, thumbnail GIS maps, bar charts, graphs, or simple count cards
  • Cards can pull data from asset maintenance, accounts payable, payroll, HR, utility billing, as well as Tyler's Enterprise Permitting & Licensing
  • Current Tyler Dashboard users can use the built-in wizard to migrate their favorites to the Hub
  • Quick access to Tyler University and the Omnibar search tool increase the Hub’s efficiency
  • Hub provides convenient Excel capability for easy report generation

Customization Options Allow Hub to Expand and Evolve

The more you add and modify the Hub, the more long-term value you’ll find. You may be able to fit all your key data and processes on a single page, whereas managers who need to stay abreast of processes across departments can build multiple pages that facilitate quick transitions from one responsibility to another.

With access to the permissions-based Card Designer, authorized users can further customize standard cards.

  • Add links as needed
  • Set the threshold for count cards to change color to alert users immediately when budgets hit limits or invoices are past due
  • Customized cards can be saved and published in the content library for others to use

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