Better Meeting Management

Tyler's Meeting Manager empowers you to organize and conduct meetings by automating the planning and follow-up process — from meeting scheduling and minute keeping to public posting. Simplify your collaboration and document collection process with this cloud-delivered, click-and-go performance tool. 

Whether you are planning a city council meeting, drafting a school board meeting agenda, or organizing a public meeting for citizens, we’ve got you covered.
  • Faster minute generation

  • Better meeting organization

  • Automated agenda development

  • Robust searching capabilities

  • Flexible workflows for team collaboration

  • Meeting and organizational transparency with citizen access

  • Record and share video

Schedule Meetings With Ease

Plan for future meetings with recurring and reassigning capabilities

  • Schedule and reschedule
  • Support regular series and ad-hoc special meetings
  • Select multiple meeting types from boards to subcommittees using the meeting calendar
  • Submit agenda items and topics for review, and include key planning information and multiple attachments

Keep Document Storage at Your Fingertips

Store, track, and search for attachments

  • Upload, track, and search for attachments in a centralized database
  • Create a reusable template
  • Save the agenda as a PDF with links to the corresponding attachments
  • Utilize features including, editing, version control, redactions, annotations, and sticky notes

Drag and Drop Functionality to Easily Manage Meetings

Reorder, change, and organize across multiple agendas

  • Reorder, change, and organize topics and section headers across multiple agendas
  • Attach multiple documents or notes to the agenda item
  • Manage and distribute all topics and attachments with an easy-to-use interface
  • Customize individual agendas and reassign to the next meeting

Approve and Collaborate With Teams

Easily gather and approve topics from multiple sources

  • Follow parliamentary procedure by adding workflow and approval conditions
  • Review, edit, and comment on items before they’re approved for the agenda

Generate and Post Meetings Online

Inform community members of public board, council, and subcommittee meetings

  • Import, edit, and publish meeting minutes
  • Develop both private and public versions of minutes
  • Provide citizen access through a web portal
  • Upload and share video recordings

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