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Manage Personnel and Payroll

With Munis Human Capital Management™, your recruitment, compensation, retention, training, and development plans work together to achieve your organization’s goals. It delivers powerful business intelligence and functionality to effectively manage your organization’s talent. Risk management, succession planning, employee certifications, employee education, employee survey, and employee training are a few, among the many, features available.

  • Simplifies human resources and payroll processes
  • Integrates all enterprise employee data — from hire to retire — in one enterprise-wide system
  • Improves worker efficiency and eliminates data redundancy
  • All modules can be launched from a customizable dashboard
  • Electronic document management reduces paper, overhead, and storage costs
  • Empowers human resource administrators to become strategic leaders
  • Aligns employee and organization goals
  • Empowers employees to manage personal information, take an active role in career progression, and develop and retain important skills

Get the Most Value From Your Workforce

Built on Tyler’s decades of experience focused exclusively on empowering people who serve the public, Munis delivers the right tools, functionality, and access to data to help you manage your most valuable asset.

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At Tyler, we want to make it easier for you to drive economic growth, focus on your residents’ needs, and deliver results-oriented government. Technology can make this happen by connecting the core functions of local government and enabling information to flow seamlessly between departments and across jurisdictions.

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