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Notify for Reliable Communications
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Building Better Communication

Deliver messages and interact with recipients using the delivery channels and tools you use every day. Notify allows you to create and send customized messages via phone and email in a secure and audited environment and is specifically designed to work with Tyler products. Notify can improve your communications through:

  • Text messaging, social media, and email campaigns

  • Out-of-the-box features

  • Interactive voice response (IVR) phone system

Reliable Communication via Text Messaging, Social Media, and Email Campaigns

Define your contact group, customize your message, specify how and when it is transmitted, utilize templates, and specify any necessary follow-up campaigns. Each person chooses how he or she is contacted — through an automated phone call, by email, or by text message.

Use Notify to inform:

  • Parents and students of school closings
  • Residents that a tax bill or parking ticket is due
  • Court defendants of court date or warrant notifications (email only)
  • Delinquent accounts that their utility service is about to be shut off
  • Vendors with insurance certificates soon to expire
  • …and much more

Simplify Campaign Planning and Execution

Built-in features, user-defined messaging options, and bilingual options simplify campaign planning and execution.

  • Phone campaign features include independent interactive and voicemail messages, touch tone and voice recognition input modes, wait on hold for right party or chase me (collect correct number from caller), and user-defined retry for missed calls.
  • Email text campaign features include customizable email templates, payment website links, and industry standard blacklist support.
  • IVR phone system features include leaving messages, requesting contract confirmation, accepting new phone number for follow-up, and accessing to account balances and records.

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Floyd County, Georgia Improves Communications With Notify

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