Comprehensive Court Administration

Odyssey Case Manager is at the heart of the Odyssey® product suite and is designed to handle the unique needs of a wide range of courts, including small county courts and large statewide implementations. Whether functioning as a single case-type system or as the hub of a unified, highly integrated case management system, Case Manager provides secure access to party and case data across the entire justice system.

  • Manage all aspects of court administration
  • Locate case information and attach multiple file types
  • Create and view dockets in various ways
  • Generate forms, letters, and a variety of reports with advanced tools
  • Calculate fees, fines, and distribute payments automatically
  • Search data using many different criteria

End-to-End Court Case Management

Case Manager is a web based application that is at the heart of the Odyssey product suite delivers a comprehensive, end-to-end courts and justice software solution that modernizes and automates court processes. The system encompasses all court administration functionality from e-filing to disposition to help your court run more efficiently and improve the administration of justice.

Workflow and Task Manager Streamline Operations

Workflow and task management capabilities allow you to customize the way Odyssey operates to fit the way you work, automating tasks and helping clients work smarter and more efficiently.

  • Add tasks automatically or manually assign due dates
  • Give supervisors full access to tasks and queues
  • Share notes on a specific workflow item
  • Track item history including the timestamp and the user 
  • Route documents between judge and clerk for review and approval

Customize Your Workspace

MyOdyssey Workspace provides a customized dashboard to personalize and streamline your work in Odyssey, creating a bird’s-eye view into detailed case and financial information with a single click.

  • View work queues, upcoming hearings, process checklists, and more
  • Personalize dashboards for the way you work with widgets
  • Navigate from the dashboard to the right place in Odyssey and take action

Electronic Signatures

Streamline office processes and empower users to effortlessly capture and apply electronic signatures to documents filed with the court as well as documents that are generated from within Odyssey.

  • Merge forms using Odyssey’s integration with Microsoft
  • Send forms to judges’ or clerks’ queues for electronic signature
  • Tag documents for signatures and add to queues
  • Convert electronically signed documents to PDF or TIFF files and automatically docket to case

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