Transform Your Court's Financial Transaction Management

With Odyssey Financial Manager, disparate financial transactions are centralized — giving you complete control and visibility to all court financial transactions. Seamless integration with the Odyssey product suite streamlines the flow of data between applications and lets financial and demographic information populate the system automatically. This eliminates redundant data entry and reduces human error, while giving every interested party instant, real-time access to critical financial data without sacrificing security.

  • Manage bank account transactions, reconciliation, and balancing
  • Verify liability account balances against transaction level data
  • Provide robust reports and a complete audit trail
  • Print individual and batch disbursements
  • Create a positive pay file for banks to provide additional check security

Increase Transparency

Maintain a transparent and auditable view of cash, asset and liabilities accounts, and easily create a complete chart of accounts for a single jurisdiction or multiple jurisdictions.

  • Accounts are designed to roll up to an area, regional, or statewide view for comprehensive financial outlooks
  • Explore transactions by drilling down into charts of accounts
  • Manage check printing queues by location or centrally

Powerful Reporting

A variety of customizable reports are available to organize your data into user-friendly formats.

  • Produce a summary of financial activity
  • Generate a detailed account balance for one or more location
  • Create an account transaction report from the transaction register
  • Verify payment forms and track accounts

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