Creating an Electronic Courtroom

With Odyssey Judge Edition™ and a touch screen, judges can access and control critical case information rapidly and securely right from the bench. No need to rely on printed documents and stacks of folders. Judge Edition transforms paper chaos into seamless, electronic information and quickly provides judges with up-to-date case data at their fingertips.

  • Access and bookmark vital documents
  • Enter and attach notes easily
  • Eliminate paper files and folders for a more efficient courtroom
  • Find specific case information with user-friendly, touch‐screen capabilities
  • Work with multiple defendants or cases simultaneously

Comprehensive Data

Odyssey Judge Edition provides a wealth of data with a single touch, including the defendant’s personal demographic information, all charges and documents related to the case, and mug shots. Judge Edition also uses Odyssey’s Persona Case Summary, allowing judges to see the same information and documents that they would on the case summary in Odyssey Case Manager.

Built for Speed

Judge Edition gives you all the necessary tools to administer justice efficiently and effectively right from the bench. When pronouncing judgments, Judge Edition keeps up with the demands of your courtroom.

Personalized Workspace

Judges can configure how much information displays for events and documents in the case view, so critical data is visible at a glance. Judges can customize the names of their session folders to meet their court’s needs. Judge Edition now shares its document view with Odyssey® 2017, providing the same download performance, navigation, annotation capability, and viewing experience.

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