Simplify the Jury Management Process

Odyssey Jury efficiently organizes, manages, and simplifies the entire jury selection process. It supports statewide or county implementations, from the loading of the jury wheel or master list, to managing the pooling process and panels sent to the courtroom for trial.

  • Easily compensate jurors
  • Increase juror yields and response rates by enabling participants to respond to jury summons online
  • Send email or text message reminders of their jury service or change in status, such as weather cancellation
  • Enhances the jury and clerk experience via a user-friendly system that facilitates faster processing at the time of check-in

Secure Document Management

Enables jury clerks to batch image scan stacks of response cards and automatically attach them to the juror, the pool, or the panel via a barcode. Since the document is associated with the juror, it will follow them through their service lifecycle, and it will be included as part of an electronic panel packet sent to the courtroom.

Simplifies Jury Response

Provides online access for responding to a jury summons using an intuitive, user-friendly interface, which increases juror yield and the response rate. After jurors are summoned, they may respond to their initial qualification questionnaires via the internet, at any time and from anywhere, using the jury response section of the Odyssey Portal.

Automated Notifications

Jurors can opt to be notified by email or text message to receive scheduled reminders to appear for jury service. They’ll also be notified if they are not needed for service or in the event of a cancellation.

Interactive Seating Chart

This allows jury staff to indicate seats or spaces to leave blank, and they can see obstacles in the courtroom, such as poles or columns. Configurations are saved by user, and seating charts can be printed and included in the panel packet. Clicking on a seat will bring up juror number or name and any questionnaires or other documents related to that juror.

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